Dive into Luxury with Magnetic Packaging's Ocean Star Perfume Dispenser

  • Magnetic Packaging Inc.

Packaging in the fragrance industry relies on both elegance and innovation to succeed. A scent needs to be properly dispensed to preserve its intended notes and transfer them onto the skin and clothing alike. Magnetic Packaging's expertise in sprayers is on display with its Ocean Star Perfume Dispenser – a true embodiment of sophistication and spraying power.

Available in five variations of low fragrance pumps, each delivering a precise dosage of 50µl, brands can choose the actuator that best fits their bottle design or ideal spraying range. Alternatively, they can opt for the nine standard fragrance pumps, providing a slightly larger dosage of 60µl. This variety allows companies to tailor their fragrance applications, ensuring that every spray is a personalized experience.

Want to learn more? Download the PDF file or contact Magnetic to let its team of experts find the best match for your product needs.

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