Element Packaging's MicroClean introduces naturally antibacterial materials

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It’s increasingly important for consumers that their products stay clean during use. Element Packaging is introducing a new technology, MicroClean in plastic additives that is naturally antibacterial. Your product lines will look the same, while staying clean, safe, and free from harmful bacteria.

99% Effective Against Viruses

Element has helped develop this material science innovation that was inspired from biomimicry. This mechanical and physical property is 99.9% effective against bacteria and viruses. It actively kills harmful germs.

Tests were underdone on its broad-spectrum antibacterial performance measured according to ISO 22196 and JIS Z2801. It has a proven efficacy against viruses such as Corona 229E, h1N1, and H3N2 according to ISO 21702 and ISO 18184.

In addition to bacteria, this technology has a proven efficacy against mold and fungi growth. Tests have been performed according to ISO 846.

With no bacteria or mold, plastic packaging and its contents don’t develop a bad odor.

Long Lasting and Undetectable

This plastic additive is copied from nature. It makes use of a body’s own trace element to make plastics and polymers resistant to bacteria attachment and proliferation. It accomplishes this while containing no toxic substances, no biocides, no silver, and no nanomaterials. The additive stays in the product with no migration onto the consumer.

Amazingly, the quality of the effects last as long as the product’s expected lifetime. The technology does not fade or wear out over time, even after more than a year.

The additive makes no noticeable difference to the look and feel of the plastic. The color, hardness, and durability of the plastic does not change.

A Wide Range of Uses

Adding MicroClean to your plastic packaging will improve a wide range of industries, from medical to food to beauty.

Airless pumps, tubes, and bottles are designed to keep bacteria from reaching the sensitive formulas inside. However, the parts of the packaging that consumers touch can become a hotspot for bacteria. With this new technology, the dispenser and cap will naturally remain free from bacteria as well.
Cosmetics and personal care products will have a longer shelf life and longevity with this technology.

Element Packaging is a leader in material science advancements. They create innovative new products for the beauty and personal care sphere. Contact them today to see how you can improve your product lines.

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