The new Wild Glass bottles for spirits are here!

If your spirits brand is wild, must the glass bottle also be wild?

The RUDE collection has its own design language. It is designed in a way that is perfectly recognisable and different from the rest of the spirits on the market.

Why are they ECO? Embrace imperfections reducing wasted production.

Aesthetic imperfections and slight colour variations between them do not pose a problem, on the contrary, they are more than welcome. We love them and they help us reduce wasted production up to 25%.

Sustainability, based on own innovation. At ESTAL, we have rewritten the paradigms of industrial milling, created new methods and patented new procedures that allow us a degree of flexibility and efficiency unthinkable until today.

Up to 100% Post Consumer Recycled glass content, have you discovered it?

We work only with the industrial furnaces with the highest percentage of PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) glass on the market. Wild Glass bottles are not exquisite and accept all types of recovered glass.

Glass colour offer

You can choose between two different glass colours. Wild Flint Glass and Wild Dark Glass. Our patented Wild Glass is the only one in the world that uses up to 100% Post Consumer Recycled glass content (PCR) and accepts all types of recovered glass, creating a really interesting and truly organic colour range.

Visually heavy, yet lightweight

Taking care of a lightweight experience in a visually heavy bottle collection, we improve the glass distribution and help obtain a more sustainable product. Bottle finishes offer.

The RUDE Collection from Wild Glass Spirits uses a technology called CHOKER, a common trade that provides a craft shaved appearance with Ultra-short neck finishes that are fully interchangeable as they have the same diameter.

Contact us if you need more information about our Wild Glass bottles or click here to be inspired by the RUDE collection's wild glass options!

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