The beauty of sustainable bottles

"Aesthetic imperfections are a key element of this collection, being both welcome and expected."

Natural beauty is trending. Materials, shapes, textures and tones that imitate nature are used in the design of a world of different products. It is time to look at our surroundings, at a changing space that is both being transformed and transforming us, and in which the natural world is changing at the same pace. Sustainability also joins this growing trend of enhancing natural beauty. Because being natural is sustainable or being sustainable is natural, regardless of how you want to phrase it. At ESTAL, we have fallen in love with sustainable bottles and natural beauty, and this has resulted in our Prima Collection for Wine.

Sustainable, Natural and Organic Bottles

The Prima Collection is defined by its natural and organic shapes, with unique and slightly asymmetrical silhouettes, because nature is imperfect and in its imperfection we appreciate beauty. The Prima Collection is a contemporary language, in a natural, old-fashioned style, embodied in industrial glass bottles with conceptual, visual and tactile attributes that are instantly recognisable as unique. It is a more sustainable packaging solution for real brands.

Aesthetic imperfections are a key element of this collection, being both welcome and expected. The irregular and uneven shapes, the natural, ecological, organic design and light weight make it the perfect option for showcasing natural wines and many other products. The natural beauty trend is gaining ground in a world of different fields, sectors and products, where it is seen by the consumer as undeniably valuable.

The sustainable essence of the Prima Collection

The Prima Collection is made in Wild Glass, our 100% recycled PCR glass. The resulting colour and tolerances of Wild Glass are superior to a normal colour, providing an organic, authentic design that is very similar to manually produced glass, but with all the features of automatically produced glass. This makes Wild Glass the perfect choice for the Prima Collection.

Efficiency is one of the main pillars of ecological sustainability. By manufacturing in Wild Glass, we do not reject as many bottles with aesthetic imperfections, thereby reducing the impact caused by rejected bottles. The Prima Collection thus seamlessly merges the sustainability of Wild Glass with its organic and natural design, making it the perfect choice to stand out from the crowd with an innovative and cutting-edge image.

Getting to know the Prima Collection

The Prima Collection has made a strong début appearance. In the Make a Mark initiative, in which talented designers from all over the world have created packaging proposals, with imagination as their only limit, some of the creators have found the Prima Collection to be a source of inspiration for their design projects.

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