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Estal bottle, DA Clarior is selected for Anagrama’s creation

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Anagrama’s creation is inspired by a beloved icon of Mexico – the mango – and explores everything it makes people feel, as well as its tropical flair and bright colors. The agency wanted to create something that takes us straight to the world of this fruit by incorporating elements found on mango labels seen at Mexican markets.

Colors, shapes and finishes were the tools of the trade for this concept. The team embraced the many different materials and finishes they had at their disposal during the process, leading them to new and unexpected design and production ideas

The Estal bottle, DA Clarior, has been selected for its creation.

This project was made possible by Estal, Avery Deninson and Leonhard Kurz, leaders in premium packaging innovation.

Discover the incredible design of Anagrama for the makeamark.world.

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