It's time for 700ml bottles in the US


Thanks to the TTB regulation adding the 700ml capacity for distillery in USA, you can now choose any bottle from our catalogue... which one do you prefer?

"Distilled spirits—700 milliliter: This size was supported by 18 commenters, who generally state that the 700 milliliter size is popular in other countries, so approval will facilitate trade and allow U.S. consumers more options in imported distilled spirits." More information published in the Federal Register.

Your real brand values may be perfectly reflected thanks to the optimum packaging... Be inspired by our catalog and find the best bottle design to connect with your target right from the first moment. Find out all our bottles for spirits.

Are you looking for 100% recycled glass bottles?

Wild Glass is the new reference for a handmade image, is the new fashion colour, and it's produced with 100% recycled glass (PCR).

Beyond the sustainability of materials and production processes, the market is taking a chance on excellence in design. In parallel, the consumer is looking for natural beauty solutions with all its imperfections, like a real product.

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Recycled glass for sustainable bottles

Glass is an almost infinite material. It can be used time and time again to produce sustainable bottles or packaging, as well as an array of ornaments, windows or even art pieces. Using recycled glass means making the most of it and seeking the continuous reincarnation of this material through a wide variety of objects. Using very little energy, recycled glass is reborn and rebuilt to give life to a great variety of elements that help us organize and decorate our homes.

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