Beauty with a Conscious- New Thick Wall Jar From VIVA

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Beauty brands don’t have to compromise when it comes to style and recycled material with the line of chic jars from VIVA. The company has created the perfect match between sustainability and beauty.

Thick Wall Jar

The new Thick Wall Jar from VIVA can be made with up to 100% PCR PET and PP plastic for the cap. A virgin material is also available, made in 100% Recycle Ready PET plastic.

These thick walls of the jars give consumers a sense of luxury. Use these for a variety of cosmetic and skincare products, with sizes available in 7ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 75ml, and 100ml.

Thick Wall Jar Features:

  • Crystal clear matching glass and PETG
  • No crystallization at injection gate
  • Induction seal, Topette options available

Decoration Options:

  • Cap options: full coverage hotstamp, vacuum metalized, metal overshell
  • Jar options : Heat Transfer Label (HTL)

Interested in using up to 100% PCR Plastic in your beauty line? Contact VIVA.

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