Element's food grade silicone a sustainable and safer alternative to plastic

  • Element Beauty Group

Furthering their commitment to sustainable alternatives for beauty and skincare packaging, Element introduces Food Grade Silicone, a safer, more flexible, and sustainable alternative to plastic.

Made from naturally abundant sand (silica), silicone has many benefits: It is non-toxic and odorless; contains no BPA, latex, lead or phthalates; is extremely durable and can be reused over and over; and can easily be adapted as part of Loop or other current reclamation programs.

By working with silicone, Element Packaging is another step closer to eliminating single-use plastics and providing opportunities for bulk renewal and replenishment. Element is dedicated to sustainable solutions that are innovative, environmentally responsible, and still have the exceptional quality that brands seek.

Consider Element and their silicone packaging for your next eco-conscious skincare or cosmetics product.

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