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Element and Oco Give Plastic a New Beginning with Carbon Upcycling Tech

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Give plastic a new beginning! Or why not turn plastic into a carbon sink! Picture this:

You get plastic. You use it. You throw it in the right bin. You recycle it. You grind it. You melt it again. You add an additive for strength and durability.

First, in this picture, plastic gets recycled. It reduces its carbon footprint, right? Second, the additive is made from carbon emissions. It’s a powder material (most plastics already get mineral additives to convey different qualities - touch, robustness, etc.), and doesn’t degrade the finish of the plastic. If anything, this additive adds strength and allows it to be even recycled for more rounds.

Recycled plastic + captured carbon additive = carbon sink?


Not sure you understand the concept?

Element Group has been working with carbon tech company OCO / Carbon Upcycling Technologies to provide consumer goods, in particular beauty products, that are made from captured carbon emissions.

The idea is: Plastic is a great material with which we can do anything with, but the impact of its disposal is horrendous on the earth. How can we keep using it while reducing its negative impact?

Listen to the podcast with Madison Savilow and Nick Gardner to understand how we are doing this. Or contact us directly to learn more.

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