Liplights Light the Way for Recycling

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Reducing waste goes both ways when it comes to Element Packaging's designs. We know nothing makes a customer happier than being able to use every last bit of product, and that's something aluminum tubes are perfect for: you never have to throw the tube with a big chunk of your favorite hand cream stuck on its shoulders. It strengthens brand loyalty and, because there's less product attached to the material itself, it enhances its chances of being properly handled at recycling facilities.

And that's something that should not be taken for granted. Being able to easily recycle your waste is more valuable than ever, both because of legislation pushing brands to ensure the recyclability of their products, and because customers are prone to choose convenience and fast-paced solutions in an era of immediate gratification. If you only have to discard your tube in the proper bin, you're already helping out more than a pack that needs to be disassembled before disposal.

That's one of the many reasons Element's aluminum tubes for rms Beauty's Liplights Cream are a show-stopper solution everyone falls in love with.

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