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Element Packaging and MOB Beauty Partner to Build Better Beauty with CarbonX

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Building beauty for a better future is the goal for MOB Beauty co-founded by Victor Casale, CEO and former chief chemist at MAC; Alisha Gallagher, chief brand officer, formerly of Cover FX; and Beatrice Seguin, chief innovation officer, formerly of CSR Beauty Solutions and Steve Blanchet, co-founder, formerly of CSR Beauty Solutions

MOB Beauty is working together with Element Packaging to create the brand's Earth-First Packaging SystemIt provides customized palettes, which Element's Executive Creative Director, David Pina, notes:

"allows the customer to make purposeful choices and buy only the products and shades they will use." 

MOB's reusable, interchangeable design is made from PET resin with at least 50% post-consumer recycled content. The brand says it is on a mission to hit 100% PCR for all of its packaging.

Element Packaging took the process a step further, introducing Element CarbonX, a material science innovation replacing Carbon Black.  This is a new black infrared-visible pigment allowing the optical scanners used in sorting plastics during recycling to be recognized by the NIR (Near Infrared) detectors installed in waste sorting plants.

Element CarbonX helps in contributing to our circular economy and brings sustainability in design options utilizing black componentry.

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