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Element Packaging Helps Create PACT, Which Aims to Unify the Beauty Industry and Tackle Waste

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Element Packaging is the first packaging company in the industry to join forces with retailer, Credo Beauty, MOB Beauty and Canadian retailer Hudson’s Bay to create Pact, a non-profit initiative. 

Element’s Co-founder, Nick Gardner states,

“What Pact does, is it brings three parts of the supply chain together to help create solutions of circularity and reduction of waste beginning with the beauty industry” 

What is Pact?

Pact is a membership organization, that is focusing on how to recycle packaging components that are typically hard to recycle. This includes small parts and packaging that uses mixed or flexible materials.

Pact enables packaging designers and manufacturers to take recyclability into greater account. The overall aim, while promoting transparency and working alongside recycling companies (like New York-based Reverse Logistics), is for the industry to come together to upcycle or reuse a much greater percentage of beauty materials. 

Ulrich Lerissel,Co-Founder of Element Packaging, notes:

"There are some estimates that 120 billion cosmetic packages are made annually and only a fraction of those are refillable, a tiny fraction that are refillable or reusable.

As a packaging company, we have a big role to play in creating more sustainable options for the beauty industry.  Meaning, in the selection of materials and designing packaging that is most likely to be recycled by the greatest number of people. We're glad to be part of the PACT Collective program, providing a positive impact,all contributing to our circular economy” 

How does Pact work?

Starting this Earth Day, Thursday, April 22nd, a Pact recycling bin will be found in all 10 Credo Beauty stores and in 20 Hudson's Bay locations in Canada. (Credo shoppers are able to receive 10 reward points for every product recycled.) A mail-in recycling program is also in the works. 

Consumers are encouraged to drop off any of their empty beauty containers, no matter the brand: all pumps and caps; plastic tubes; lipsticks and lip glosses; eye and lip pencils; mascara tubs; plastic compacts; colored glass bottles and jars, as well as plastic bottles and jars "smaller than a yogurt cup." 

Pact is dedicated to creating a unified initiative, to come together and efficiently make this work. Inclusive of packaging suppliers, brands, manufacturers and retail partners to service the beauty industry and help reduce toxic pollution in the environment. 

For more information on Element Packaging, Pact Collective, and how you can get involved, contact Element Packaging

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