Rethinking the Pump: Element Introduces Mono-material Dispenser

  • Element Beauty Group

Element Packaging believes that recycling is no longer an option, but mandatory. 

A traditional pump is usually made of 9 or 10 pieces from different materials, including a metal spring. This has been standard practice for decades but it makes the pump impossible to recycle. 

Element Packaging is kicking off their range of mono-material pumps with this classic and versatile dispenser. Element’s first mono-material pump is made of only one type of plastic- durable PP! With no metal, this pump can be sorted and recycled along with the rest of the PP plastic products. 

This pump is part of Element’s wide-usage range. It works for a variety of products and industries, including serum, essence, lotion, gel, body soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Element plans on releasing their spray and foamer in a mono-material version soon. 

This pump is available in Polyethylene resin, a plastic that can be heated and reformed without losing its properties. Due to its physical and chemical stability and status as a safe and stable material, it has been used by the pharmaceutical industry over decades as primary packaging for drugs.

The Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) Polyethylene is available on the market and the implementation of this resin allows the close looping and Element’s ZERO WASTE concept.

Element Packaging is a leader in innovative packaging for the skincare and cosmetic industries. They are passionate about providing companies with products that fit into a circular economy while still being functional and consumer-friendly. 

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