Element Packaging Develops Flexible Material Made with PCR

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Flexible packaging is turning up on more and more supermarket and drugstore shelves. Element Packaging has developed a recycle-ready flexible pouch for refills.

When a consumer runs out of soap, shampoo, or conditioner, they now have the option to purchase a lightweight refill packaged in lightweight flexible plastic. A lightweight pouch uses much less material than a full sized bottle and pump. Pumps are usually difficult to recycle and many contain metal. The more you reuse the original pump and cap instead of purchasing a new bottle, the more materials you save.

Flexible packaging is already a sustainable packaging alternative but Element takes it a step further. These pouches are made from 53% post-consumer recycled content (PCR). The barrier layer is made with 100% PCR and the sealant layer is made with 45% PCR.

This pouch maintains a good barrier to moisture and oxygen multilayer structure. The product inside stays safe and is ready to be used by the consumer when they need it.

The caps are user friendly and easy to pour into a secondary container. Caps need to be made from a harder plastic than the pouch. Element packaging provides pumps, caps, and spouts in both PCR and PIR (Post Industrial Resin) materials. They are available in a variety of sizes and functions to best suit your formula and original container.

Element Packaging encourages brands to communicate with consumers how to recycle their flexible packaging pouches. Most bags and pouches are not eligible for curbside recycling pickup. However, by adding the web address to How to Recycle on packaging, consumers can easily find stores in their area that offer drop-off for plastic pouches. Many drop-off points are located in supermarkets so consumers can easily drop the pouch off the next time they shop.

Element Packaging is committed to developing new advancements in material science to increase sustainability. See what other innovative solutions they have available.

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