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Element and Oco develop carbon-capture packs to nullify CO2 emissions

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As sustainability takes over the packaging industry, suppliers continue to invest as much time and resources as possible to reduce the use and waste of plastic in their manufacturing processes. Element and Oco have partnered to introduce a new carbon packaging alternative that further advances their products’ recyclability options.

A sustainable partnership

Developing sustainable solutions is not new to Element Packaging, the company has been set on reducing its carbon footprint and consistently incorporates eco-friendly materials in its products. Moreover, Element is a founding member of Pact, a project that tackles waste in the beauty industry alongside Credo Beauty, MOB Beauty, Hudon’s Bay, and Sephora.

Likewise, Oco is constantly developing new material alternatives that tackle pollution and has become a world leader in the captured carbon emissions consumer goods bracket. The company has created over 300 carbon dioxide-enhanced materials using gaseous carbon dioxide and inorganic powder as its feedstock; a highly efficient and versatile solution that can easily be incorporated into packaging products.

Naturally, the two have come together to create a carbon-capture packaging solution that is easy to recycle, and yet, if it were to end up in a landfill, it wouldn’t release any CO2 into the atmosphere. Oco’s key ingredient will be used on LDPE tubes, PP mascara components, and HDPE food and supplement packs. A strategic decision to complement the well-established recycling stream that has been running for PET products in the US, looking to increase the durability, recyclability, and sustainable performance of other plastics.

Countering the lack of recycling

This innovative solution plans to counter the lack of consciousness and active recycling, as consumers might buy 100% recyclable packs but dispose of them with the rest of their trash, or they might separate them after use for proper recycling, only to be sent to a landfill anyway due to the lack of infrastructure and recycling facilities in their area.

As for the source of the new pack’s plastic, Element is using post-consumer waste, ocean-bound plastic, PCR, and post-industrial recycled plastic, actively seeking to eliminate single-use products. An all-around strategy to both improve the performance of their packaging and lower the company’s carbon footprint.

To learn more about Element’s sustainable solutions please contact us here.

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