Stay Fresh with Less Plastic Waste: VIVA Refillable PCR Deodorant Sticks

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With VIVA, it’s possible to launch a low-waste deodorant line. The company’s Refillable Deodorant Sticks are an absolute game changer- they use 50% less plastic and are made from 100% PCR.

A Mono-material Pack 

These deodorant sticks can be combined with VIVA’s in-mold labels, in a completely mono-material stick made from 100% PCR PP Plastic.

A Large Range of Shapes and Decorations

Choose between a variety of shapes and capacities, including a Round Stick, Standard Oval Stick, and a Wide Stick. 

PCR Plastic no longer means losing any style. VIVA offers full 360­­ degree, high-definition decoration. Companies can put their artwork on both the barrel and cap. For that extra touch, use holographic, foils and velvet soft-touch finishes.

Waste Less Plastic 

The refill cartridge is easy to remove and replace with a new fresh deodorant. These replacement cartridges use much less plastic than purchasing an entirely new pack.

Ready for an eco-friendly deodorant product? Contact VIVA today to learn how to start saving plastic today.


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