Elegance and style with SR Packaging's SI line

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SR Packaging's latest series of bottles are designed to reflect the classical style of stately Roman columns, with an elegant shape that is rendered even more attractive by using high quality PET as the base material.

The SI line starts with a flat, capital-like top that slightly tapers down toward the base, though remaining wide enough not to make the bottle precarious when standing. The bottles are perfect for personal care products, whether a a viscous emulsion, a shower gel or lotion, or a fragrance spray!

The use of PET as the primary material ensures the bottles are light in weight, highly transparent, glossy, resistant to impact and acids, non-toxic, and a perfect choice for products requiring elevated health and safety.

Bottles in the SI line can be paired with any number of SRP's closure options, including screw caps, disc tops, flip tops, sprays, pumps, and more. The bottles can be decorated in a number of ways including screen printing, hot stamping, labeling, electroplating, or gradient printing, and can be transparent, translucent, or produced in any colour required. Special masterbatches can also be produced.

Current sizes for the SI series: 150ml and 250ml

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