Embrace clean beauty with an EBM airless bottle spray & pump

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BURLY is the EBM AIRLESS BOTTLE many international consumer brands have opted for. SR Packaging's BURLY pump handles high-viscosity balm or cream while its BURLY sprayer generates a super fine, light mist. Both options provide 360° dispensing for the best user experience.

Recyclable PCR Airless Packaging

Unlike any PET, PE, or PP bottle, BURLY is an extrusion blow-molded 2-layer bottle that incorporates a thin, fine-layer airless pouch inside its rigid container which protects the formulation. Global brands choose SR Packaging's EBM airless bottles for many reasons.

Benefits of EBM Airless Bottles

  • Preservative-free product
  • Recycled plastic packaging
  • 360 upside-down usage
  • Extend shelf life
  • Recyclable packaging

Revamping product lines with EBM Airless Bottles

Consumers have been demanding cleaner and greener products, advocating the removal of chemicals from the products and actively supporting brands that are more conscious of their environmental impact. In response to these demands, companies are revamping product lines with new packaging. SR Packaging has the perfect solution that is both a greener packaging choice and that caters to preservative-free formulations — EBM Airless Bottles.

EBM Airless Bottles are ideal for revamping a variety of cosmetic and personal care applications.

Suggested applications:

Bath Head-to-Toe
The 2-in-1 spa recipe blends naturally derived plant extracts for body wash and shampoo that mildly cleanses and tones skin while washing away the clingy buildup from hair.

Ultra Nourishing Mist
The light spray lotion is enriched with plant-based moisturizers to nourish and hydrate skin naturally without harmful chemicals. Give the skin a gentle spray after a shower or during the day to revive dry skin.

Reef-safe Sunscreen
The sunscreen cream does not have reef-harming chemicals and creates a physical barrier to the sun with water-resistant skin protection. The antioxidant-infused sunblock formula contains natural extracts to repair skin.

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