One-way valve tubes

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SR Packaging is one of the major manufacturers of sustainable packaging for clean beauty products. Following the success of the company's PCR Airless packaging and its EBM airless bottles, the company has now launched a brand-new tube featuring a one-way valve aperture that keeps formulations free from external contamination.

The new one-way valve tubes are cleverly designed so that air is blocked from entering: Only the formulation can pass from the tube through the valve aperture so that the end-user can apply the product. Not only does the one-way valve protect the formulation, but it also provides a better user experience as the consumer is able to control the product dosage more easily.

As a further advantage to the consumer, because air is not drawn back inside the tube, it makes it easier to see how much product is available for use, and any product residue is kept to an absolute minimum so that the user gets to enjoy the complete tube of product.

SR Packaging offers 3 different-sized one-way valve tube options with flip-top cap diameters of 30, 35 and 40mm to satisfy filling capacities from small to large for a variety of skincare, haircare, natural cosmetic treatments and baby care products. 

The D35 and D40 tube choices are manufactured with bi-injection technology and can be produced with custom bi-color designs. The D40 also provides tamper evidence as a further guarantee of the integrity of the formulation.

One-way valve tube specifications

D40 D35 D30
PP+TPE, bi-injection PP+TPE, bi-injection PP+TPE
Customizable bi-color design Customizable bi-color design Customizable color
One-way Valve One-way Valve One-way Valve
Valve Seal Valve Seal Valve Seal
Tamper Evident - - - - - - - - - -

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