AURA, the EBM airless bottle for babycare, and more

Preservative-free, non-toxic cleansing gel, barrier ointment, or soothing balm: AURA can be the perfect packaging for baby care products of various viscosities and formulae.

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AURA, the Boston Round-shaped, mono-material EBM airless bottle with an airless pump, is perfect for waterless ointments and balms with a high viscosity. Its airless sprayer match works for gentle and light mist.

The airless pouch inside the bottle contains less than 2% EVOH to achieve the best barrier possible.

Benefits of AURA: 

Reliable airless bag-in-bottle: Compatibility, impact-proof, and chemical-resistance.
Circular Packaging, planet-positive: Uses recycled plastic - PCR airless bottle.
360° dispensing, upside-down usage: Provides a brilliant user experience.
Naturally derived, organic, botanical: Preservative-free, non-toxic.

Adding the PP dispenser, AURA is an all-PP, recyclable airless bottle that conforms to US and European packaging design regulations, entirely recyclable without disassembling.

Ideal applications for AURA:

✙ Cleansing Gel

Composed of naturally derived ingredients without Parabens, Phthalates, or Phenoxyethanol, the pH-balanced cleansing gel provides gentle cleansing for sensitive skin of daily usage.

✙ Barrier Ointment

The chemical-free, waterless barrier ointment takes complete care of the baby’s bottom after each nappy change, protecting the skin from further irritation, creating an optimal environment to allow the skin to heal, and preventing friction from the diaper.

✙ Soothing Balm

Enriched with natural ingredients, the petroleum-free, calming & soothing balm melts into the skin providing long-lasting comfort and maintaining the skin’s natural barrier.

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