Mono-material snap-off 10 mm diameter mini tube

Dia. 10 mm snap-off mini tube for giveaway samples & single-dose treatments.

SR Packaging presents its new snap-off tube with 10 mm diameter. The single-dose, mono-material mini tube packaging is ideal for skincare giveaway samples and advanced treatments in the beauty, cosmeceutical, and pharmaceutical sectors. And it's recyclable!

Recyclable Mono-material PE tube

The entire tube is manufactured in PE, a mono-material component that can be thrown directly into a recycling bin after usage, therefore helping brands to improve post-consumer recyclability and fulfil sustainable commitments.  

Snap-off closure for easier access

For brands, distributing newly launched products in a free giveaway packaging pouch is economical. However, with a tiny cut on the side of the packaging pouch as the supposedly opening, consumers often end up frustrated as the package fails to actually tear open. Hence brands turn to the snap-off tube for a change. It offers easier access for users to “snap off” the tube closure effortlessly. It is also an ideal application for single-dose treatments such as hair dye, skincare, cosmeceutical, and medical treatments.

Smaller diameter tube for a lesser dosage

For free giveaway samples or single-dose products, the product volume matters for both budget control and secured sealing protection. The 10 mm snap-off tube is available in capacities from 2 ml to 5 ml. It is perfect for a single dosage without concern for excessive waste.

The 10 mm diameter snap-off tube is now available with various decoration techniques and color variations to achieve specific brand design requirements.  Please contact us for more details.

Dia. 10 mm Snap-off Tube 


available with earth-friendly options

✔ PE


✔ Green PE (renewable biomass plastic, the by-product of sugarcane)

Capacity / Volume 

2 ml ~ 5 ml

Length of Tube

40 mm ~ 80 mm

Available Closures

Easy Snap-off (not re-pluggable)




Offset, silkscreen, hot stamping, and flexographic printing. Labeling.

Packaging Applications

Beauty & Cosmetics, Personal Care, Hair Care, Pharmaceuticals

Applicable Products

Hair dye mix, medical ointments, skincare serum, body lotion, foundation

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