This is VESTA, the EBM Airless Bottle for Home Essentials

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VESTA is the beautifully crafted mono-material EBM airless bottle by SR Packaging. Developed with sustainability and convenience in mind, VESTA seamlessly integrates with airless sprayers and pumps to accommodate a variety of formulas and applications. Whether you need to dispense high-viscosity substances or create a fine mist spray, the dispenser effortlessly caters to your requirements, delivering an even and precise application.

The bottle's bag-in-bottle design, along with the matching dispenser, is constructed entirely* from polypropylene (PP) plastic for easy recycling: without the need for disassembling, the recycling process is simplified and waste is significantly reduced.

But that's not all! With less than 2% ethylene-vinyl alcohol (EVOH) content, the inner pouch of VESTA also achieves optimal barrier performance. This ensures that the bottle provides the utmost protection and preservation for a wide range of products, safeguarding their quality and longevity. By conforming to packaging design regulations in both the United States and Europe, VESTA offers a solution that meets international standards and embraces responsible packaging practices.

This is VESTA, the EBM Airless Bottle for Home Essentials

*Keep in mind VESTA incorporates a metal spring for the PP pump, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

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