Unlock beauty packaging design potential using ECO Airless Sprayers

SR Packaging has exclusive, patented ECO Airless technology that enables skincare brands to explore infinite bottle design possibilities, and now adds airless sprayers to multiply beauty potential beyond imagination.

The ECO Airless Bottle or PCR Airless Bottle, SR Packaging's exclusive patented ECO Airless technology, has been the primary option for clean beauty brands since it first debuted in 2018. Now, with an airless sprayer, the ECO Airless Bottle fills the gap for an organic, toxin-free beauty offering with more product variations.


For years, airless packaging has been a top selection for premium, organic skincare, but the conventional airless bottle is limited to its cylindrical shape due to the syringe-type mechanism.

In contrast, the ECO Airless system has a thin layer inside the bottle, creating a unique bag-in-bottle system. It allows packaging designers to embrace the total freedom of bottle shaping creation, a canvas that brand designers value.


The ECO Airless Bottle realizes a complete clean beauty line by offering a 100% vacuum-sealed bottle with two advanced dispensing options. Whether airless pump or airless sprayer, various product formats and formulation types can all be well protected. 

Consumers also benefit from airless dispensers. The strawless liquid dispensing enables 360° usage with no angle limitation - even up-side-down. Whether it’s an ultra-hydrating essence mist or an active botanical serum, an airless sprayer or airless pump ensures a product serves its purpose of specific treatment.


As a further benefit, the ECO Airless can be a PCR Airless pack by swapping 75% virgin plastic for post-consumer recycled resin that reduces carbon and energy footprints by 85%.

Unlike syringe type airless bottles, the ECO Airless uses 70% less plastic thanks to its simplified yet effective bag-in-bottle system.

SR Packaging's ECO Airless Sprayer is now available with the 360 Burly SprayerAirless Shuttle, and 6 other bottle designs. 

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