Brushed Metal ABL Tubes

SRP's brushed metal-look decoration mimics the unidirectional satin finish on metal and creates an aesthetic pattern on ABL tubes.

On top of the brushed-metal finish, companies can apply silkscreenhot stampingoffset, and flexo-printing to add further customization and branding

The application is not limited to nozzle tubes. More variations and capacity ranges are available upon request. 

View options in the catalog. (Tube information is shown from page 26.)

ABL tubes

The aluminum barrier laminate tube, or ABL tube, is widely used for oral care, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, personal care, cosmetics, skincare, makeup, and hair treatment products.

Comprised of aluminum/PET foil and PE, the ABL tube is equally compatible with solvent-based acid or alkaline products.

The impermeable and impenetrable properties of foil provide superior protection for the contents, keeping them fresh and uncontaminated even through long periods of intermittent use.

View further Brushed Metal ABL Tube information in the pdf file.

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