SIF, the EBM airless bottle for haircare solutions!

  • SR Packaging

SIF is the tall, square slender-shaped mono-material EBM airless bottle from SR Packaging, that perfectly partners with airless sprayers and pumps for diversified formulae and different purposes as the dispenser works equally well with a high viscosity formulation or a light mist.

The airless pack is a bag-in-bottle design that is all PP. This is combined with a <2% EVOH for the inner pouch to achieve the best barrier possible for the haircare product.

Along with the other EBM airless bottles from SRP, SIF conforms to both US and European packaging design regulations and is entirely recyclable without disassembling.

Ideal applications for the SIF EBM airless bottle

  • Hair Repairing Mask Spray

Repairing hair mask spray repairs damaged hair and protects it in a nourishing film from the excessive heat of hair straighteners and dryers. The airless SIF bottle protects the nourishing qualities of the mask.

  • Hair Styling & Hydrating Boost

A hydrating boost moisturizes hair and helps to build a natural hairstyle without extra work. The thick creamy texture adds a high level of moisture without weighing down the entire look. The airless SIF bottle is perfect for combination with pumps and sprayers for easy application to the hair.

  • Instant Hair Volumizer & Scalp Savior

This volumizing hairspray maintains long-lasting volume and thickness, and revives damaged hair roots to restore a healthy scalp.

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