Discover recycled plastic potential

SR Packaging provides recycled plastic options for skincare, beauty, and cosmetic packaging needs.

Start now and reach out for sustainability.

make the best use of plastics

From the mechanically recycling method (PCR), to the chemically recycling method (CRR), companies wait for no time to develop new technologies to ensure the usage of plastic stays in a loop instead of ditching valuable resources in landfills or even in the environment.

In search of aesthetic solutions to use recycled plastics, SR Packaging works with various material suppliers to obtain recycled plastics to fulfill the green beauty eco statements, with certifications for consumer safety.

meet the global sustainable target

The more usage of recycled plastics is a push for the recycling companies to recycle more plastic waste. It is a positive, profitable, sustainable business for consumers, recyclers, manufacturers, and brands, transforms waste into opportunity, and leads companies to keep up with the global sustainable target.

use recycled plastic in every packaging format

View the recycled plastic option, and pin the selection from the myriad possibilities.

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