The octagon PET line

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This is an octagonal bottle series of four square and 12-sided chamfer-cut designs. Compared to generally square bottles, there is more light refraction in the translucent sense, along with a simple neat shape, and when placed on display shelves offersmore storage space. At present, the bottles can be paired with the Jie Yan series of pump heads. Four sides of the square can take full advantage of printing processes for maximum messaging, for a variety of beauty or medicinal products!

PET is a light weight material, with high transparency, high gloss, impact resistance, it's not easy to break. It also has the characteristics of being non-toxic, tasteless, and anti-weak acid!

Applicable products: cleansing oil, fragrances, make-up, moisturizing gel, bath gel, hair oil, cleansing lotion, shampoo, body milk, and more.
The bottle can be made transparent, translucent, or any color and special masterbatches can be produced.
Can be decorated with numerous technologies: silk screen, bronzing, labeling, electroplating, gradient plating
Octagon Bottle Series:
CHS5045B / 120ml / 24-410 / 25g
CHS5046B / 180ml / 24-410 / 32g

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