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SRP's advanced colour gradient spraying

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Primary Packaging, Bottles, Caps, Lids, Easy-Open Closures, Dispensing Closures, Sprays, Packaging Decoration, Colouring, Hot Stamping, Labelling, Sleeving

Bottle gradient effects are produced by using spraying techniques, the colour goes from deep to light, and can give bottles a soft haze or multi-level visual effects. It can be combined with silk screening, hot stamping, labeling processes, and others. Gradients make the visual effect of the product more powerful, and can be from top to bottom or from the bottom up, and a two-way gradient can be joined to improve the brand's delicate appearance and sense of value.
Features: uniform color, easy to fade,
Can be applied to: bottles, cans, lids ... and so on
Can be used with: silk screen, bronzing, labeling
Spray can be sprayed into opaque, translucent, pearl color, any color.
Can be sprayed in a transparent, translucent, pearl, any color containers

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