Subverting tradition: SRP presents its new flat airless tube

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The perfect combination of a vacuum pump head and super flat tube, SR Packaging's latest offering will be a hit with beauty brands looking for an airless tube that stands out from other options available on the market.

Traditionally, super flat tubes have been coordinated with a flip top cap. Rebelling against this tradition, SR Packaging's new flat airless tube offers a fantastic addition into the beauty manufacturer's product portfolio.

Ultra flat tubes offer an elegant appearance with their soft lines, providing good storage and convenient portability. In combination with SR Packaging's airless pump, this new beauty pack is easy to slip in and out of a bag as well as being incredibly comfortable in the hand.

Airless packaging has taken the beauty industry by storm with its capacity to safeguard the beauty product within from contaminants, ensuring the product remains in its perfect, sterile state until it is dispensed and applied by the consumer. The shelf-life of the content is prolonged and particularly delicate formulations can be safely stored, eliminating the requirement for single-use packs or reduced volume packaging.

The pump benefits from a precise dispenser which can easily control the amount of each actuation, ensuring that 0.2ml is dispensed each and every time.

SR Packaging's flat airless tube package is ideal for lotion, essence, facial cleanser, sunscreen lotion, facial and body milks, liquid foundation, gel cream, hand cream and many other beauty products.

Reference number Tube diameter Tube capacity Output dosage
CHS7072 30mm 30-70ml 0.2ml

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