SR Packaging goes beyond the visual with new tactile packaging

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SR Packaging's products can now engage with customers on not just a visual level, but also a tactile one, using the company's advanced mold-texturing technology at all of its production facilities.

Plastic beauty packaging can now take on the appearance of a range of other materials, providing interesting textures which beg customers to pick products off the shelf and take a closer look.

This decoration process, developed at SR Packaging's own production facilities, uses advanced technology to map designs onto different surfaces, utilising varying shapes and depths to create different effects. It is a process which can be applied to any plastic component for a really stand-out finished look.

SRP's proprietry mold-texturing technique can be used to emulate the look and feel of different materials - for example, plastic can be given the appearance of leather by making light, irregular markings, or a bamboo-style by creating raised sections in a woven pattern. This can give products a more luxurious feel in the case of a leather-look finish, or a more natural, organic feel when a wood or bamboo texture is used. 

As well as giving the appearance of other materials, this technique can also produce textured artwork on the surface of products. Visual illusions can be created, for example, by adding a raised hexagon pattern that reflects light at different angles. SR Packaging's technology can also add intricate designs that form even the most detailed images or patterns, such as on the jar caps pictured. 

For brands looking to enhance their shelf presence and engage with consumers in a new way, SR Packaging's advanced mold-texturing capabilities provide an exciting solution.

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