SR Packaging's PCR Airless Bottle is customizable, highly compatible with chemicals and 55% PCR

The three key features of SR Packaging's PCR Airless Bottle are: its unlimited customizable tooling possibilities for distinctive shapes, it can be made with post-consumer recycled resin up to 55%, and its EVOH+PE inner pouch that is highly compatible with most chemicals and skincare formulations.

It started with the eco-friendly airless packaging…

While the engineers in SRP were still working on developing the long-anticipated Eco-Airless Bottle a year ago, they also revealed the possibility of creating a distinctive shape for the bottle. Unlike syringe airless packaging that is limited to a circular shape only, the Eco-Airless Bottle is moldable for immense creativity. 

The PCR Airless bottle can be made in distinctive shape…

Having the opportunity to present new looks for this project, SRP's Chief Designer, Ms. Uouo Huang, sensed the need to make the bottle as appealing as possible, and created several new shapes that had never before been seen for airless packaging solutions. One of the most fascinating looks is the company's Diamond-shaped Bottle.

Together with 5 other designs, the entire Eco-Airless Bottle series was tooled, tested, approved, and is now ready for production. 

The development continued with alternative material of post-consumer recycled resin…

After the launch of the Eco-Airless Bottle, the team waited no time to launch its twin: the PCR Airless Bottle a PCR PE bottle with an EVOH+PE inner pouch. With numerous trials performed to maximize the percentage of post-consumer recycled resin that can be added, the PCR Airless Bottle has now been finalized with its opaque PE bottle containing up to 70% post-consumer recycled resin, granting a 55% total PCR plastic content for the entire packaging.  

EVOH+PE inner pouch makes a significant difference for the PCR Airless Bottle ...

The later selected EVOH, or Ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer, is a flexible, crystal clear, and glossy thermoplastic copolymer with excellent flex-crack resistance, that is highly resistant to hydrocarbons, oils, and organic solvents. It also has some of the best barrier properties to gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide making it especially suited for packaging of food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other perishable or delicate products to extend product shelf life. 

While EVOH has superior barrier properties, it loses its good gas barrier properties when exposed to moisture. To optimize performance, SRP engineers added a PE layer to create a multilayer EVOH+PE inner pouch to provide superior moisture barrier properties.

Effective quality control in manufacturing PCR Airless Bottle...

The two-step quality control is performed to secure quality and product safety

The first is to perform vacuum suction for each inner pouch. It ensures the inner bag contracts in off the bottle without breakage and maintains its 100% vacuum seal condition. 

The second is deploying optical inspection equipment incorporating monitoring software to detect and remove the larger contaminant particles in PCR PE bottle.

The final result is an excellent airless packaging that satisfies most needs…

Adding SR Packaging’s advanced dispensing pump, the PCR Airless Bottle benefits both aesthetically and functionally. It helps companies to develop attractive packaging design for marketing purposes, ensures great packaging protection without the need for preservatives, enables consumers to enjoy the experience of dispensing at any angle, even upside-down.

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