Super Fine Mist Sprayer triggers better user experience

Mist sprayers are applied extensively for a range of daily commodities. For the beauty and home care markets, the mist sprayer is a proven essential accessory for its provision of easy, light and even product application.

By improving upon the design of the mist sprayer's components, SR Packaging has achieved a significant enhancement, resulting in the introduction of its new mist sprayer that continuously generates a super fine mist, meeting the model demanded by beauty and home care brands.

Designed with a larger spray angle, each actuation of the spray has a broader reach and more even coverage, for better application each and every time. The super fine mist sprayer is ideal for professional make-up use and daily skincare routines as well as gently refreshing the air.

As a result of the larger spray angle, SR Packaging's super fine mist sprayer offers a satisfying and soothing mist which enhances the user's experience of the product. This latest, enhanced mist sprayer is available in choice screw neck sizes including 18/410, 20/410 and 24/410.

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