Sugarcane Tube: the packaging made of the viable plant-based Polyethylene

Fossil fuel is a limited and invaluable natural resource, and will eventually come to an end. Hence, more and more renewable replacements are made available. For packaging production, Sugarcane-based PE is one of a credited substitution.

Made from the byproduct of sugarcane, Sugarcane-based Polyethylene (PE) is a bio-based polymer. It is the renewable source alternative to the valuable oil-based polymer. 

Benefits of opting packaging made of  plant-based Polyethylene:

  • Plant-based plastic made from the byproduct of sugarcane
  • A renewable resource, not from invaluable fossil fuels
  • Recyclable for the post-consumer recycling process
  • Retains the same properties of traditional oil-based polymers

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