Heavy Wall PCR PET Jar for the Eco Skincare Premiums


Plastic stays in the environment without breaking down. The only way to solve this would be for consumers, brands, and suppliers to work together and keep it in the business cycle. For years, SRP took the challenge of turning post-consumer recycled resin into premium packaging presentation for sustainable skincare brands. The company has launched several successful solutions since its first try of PCR PET Kilner Jar in 2006.

SRP adds a bit more extra for Heavy Wall PCR PET Jar

Thick-wall or heavy-wall, for skincare products, tends to attract more attention with glass-like cosmetic jars than a simple plastic jar. Aware of this factor, SRP introduced several thick-wall PCR PET jars and gained many positive market reactions. 

Along with its long time development focusing on PCR packaging, SRP enhanced the production technology to improve the crystal quality and production rate of its PCR PET jar selections. The changes are:

  • Transparency of the jar

One of the most asked questions about PCR packaging is how to achieve a transparent look with post-consumer recycled resin. Having numerous production trials, SRP manages to get it right.

  • Production rate increased

It also indicates cost-effectiveness. SRP makes sure the production rate is at its best possible by better managing the process and the manufacturing states.

Always Push for the Aesthetic Perfection

SRP experienced a long development of configuring the balance between using post-consumer recycled plastic and making it presentable for skincare counter sales. The effort had paid off with the latest production enhancement of its Heavy Wall PCR PET Jar. The team will continue the sustainable packaging research to serve the brands that share the same vision.

PCR PET Jar Ref.



Neck diameter


Screw Cap Composition


 100 ml Jar 

71.9 mm

5 9 mm

66 mm

Outer layer: PCR ABS

Inner layer: PCR PP

Liner: PE


60 ml Jar

71.9 mm

46.9 mm

66 mm

Outer layer: PCR ABS

Inner layer: PCR PP

Liner: PE

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