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Farewell 2020, SR Packaging heads towards 2021

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The Year 2020 made its remark on human history with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Wearing masks and washing hands is part of everyday life, and traveling freely like how it was before will have to wait a bit longer than expected.

The world experienced dramatic changes that had reshaped social activities and global businesses. Digitizing papers, developing commercial apps, and meeting virtually, companies adapted to normalize daily work while social distancing.

New formats of skincare needs are emerging and increasing like never before. Beauty and cosmetics evolve along with wearing masks all day long and remote working routines. For all the changes and hopes for a better new year, SR Packaging will focus further on supplying sustainable solutions for the booming personal hygiene needs. 

Here are the approaches SR Packaging started in 2020 and will carry on in 2021:

2021 event dates on SR Packaging calendar: 

Apr 20th & 21st, LUXE PACK Los Angeles

Jul 14th & 15th, LUXE PACK New York

Sep 29th to Oct 1st, COSME Tech OSAKA

There will be more exciting launches. Please stay connected, the team at SR Packaging wish you a safe and merry holiday. 

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AMARI, the streamline, refillable PCR Airless Bottle for gender-neutral skincare solutions

The updated version of PCR Airless Bottle, AMARI, is one of a kind, minimalist packaging design. It is built for gender-neutral skincare solutions as the beauty trend had slowly shifted beyond gender differentiation. More and more companies are providing personal care solutions both for men and women based on specific skin conditions. As of today for many, improving self-esteem by using beauty products is no longer a privilege but a daily routine.

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