Elevate Personal Hygiene & Sustainability

Demands to the supply of personal hygiene products such as hand soap and sanitizers are rising in response to occurrences of COVID19, but with necessary changes. Irritations caused by wearing face masks all day, the constant use of high-alcohol sanitizing products, and dry skin conditions from repeatedly washing hands are all unavoidable.

Skin-friendly & ECO-friendly

Skincare experts and brands are working on elevating personal hygiene formulas to ease the discomfort. Whether it will be scent-added, hydrating formulae, or advanced formulations that are less irritating on the microbiome, product development also has to include packaging considerations in line with sustainability, preferably compatible, recyclable, durable, and light-weight packaging for time-saving, cost-effective production and transportation.

Managing supply efficiently and launching products with a shorter lead time makes sure that companies stay in business and that sufficient personal care commodities in store for purchase.

2021 is to be the year of skin-friendly and eco-friendly products, with no time to waste! Opt for sustainable packaging solutions and elevate your products to the forefront this year.

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