Eco Airless Bottle for clean beauty: skincare protected through product transparency

The clean beauty trend has been around for some time and is associated with natural and green beauty that deviates from conventional beauty products. Clean beauty products are mindfully created and produced without any suspected or proven toxic ingredients. They include ingredients that are ethically sourced and which supposedly benefit consumers as well as the environment.

There’s no legal term to regulate the exact definition of clean beauty. However many companies tend to establish products based on these two approaches: 

  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Transparent labels - to benefit consumers with fully comprehensible product composition

Along with this trend sweeping the personal care, skincare, and cosmetic industries, packaging technology has evolved. One particular example of this is the design of airless packaging.

Airless packaging formats

Airless packaging can be manufactured as either a "syringe-type" with a plunger inside that pushes the product out through the top based on pressure differentials or a "bag-in-bottle" that works in much the same way except that the plunger is replaced with a collapsible flexible bag/pouch. SRP's Eco-Airless bottles are the latter type, but much more technologically advanced whilst using 70% less plastic.

SRP's ECO airless bottles keep the product protected from microbial contamination and remain neutral while holding sensitive formulations. The company also produces a refillable multi-cartridge design for a personalized user experience. 

There’s no compromise to be made anymore, whether it’s a shower gel for everyday use or an anti-aging serum for premium beauty care. Contact to find out more about the ECO Airless Bottle and advance your brand's product performance.

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