360° PCR Airless Sprayer initial launch - Burly Sprayer

The latest 360° PCR Airless Sprayer matches the patented SRP ECO Airless Bottle. It can be used up-side-down or sideways, making it a perfect solution for sunscreen spray, mosquito & Insect repellent body spray, and antibacterial spray.

Dispense at any angle

The 360° PCR Airless Sprayer offers an easy way of dispensing for consumer usage. The sprayer enables users to apply products with no limit of angle, making it easier than ever to apply product to hard-to-reach areas.

With a broad reach of mist coverage, it is suitable for most hair care, beauty, makeup, body care, sun care, and personal hygiene products. 

Go strawless

Plastic straws are too lightweight to make it through the mechanical recycling sorter. They mix with other materials and often end up in the ocean jeopardizing marine life. Hence the global strawless action rises against the use of plastic straws.

The airless sprayer doesn’t require plastic straw/tube for dispensing and offers a precise dosage at every stroke.

Post-consumer recycled material

The 360° PCR Airless Sprayer advances in many ways, and one, in particular, is the use of post-consumer recycled plastic. The usage of PCR material in all packaging options is a promise SR Packaging makes to secure sustainability for the environment.

SRP's Burly Sprayer is now available for the initial launch of the 360° PCR Airless Sprayer. 

Burly Sprayer

ECO Airless Bottle

24/410 Airless Sprayer

Component Ref.



Volume (OFC)

186.7 ± 5 ml




0.2 cc


PE with EVOH + PP Inner Pouch



Bag-in-bottle design, patented

Strawless, 360° Spray

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