POM-free BB pump for oil-based formulae

Benefits for Beauty: BB Pump

A new POM-free BB pump is now part of SR Packaging’s back suction pump collection. The BB pump (Benefits for Beauty) is ideal for oil-based formulae such as cosmetic cleansing oil, makeup remover, and variants of oil-based skincare products in addition for use with oil-based formulations utilized for other markets. 

POM-free and EU-compliant, upholding commitments to consumer health

Polyoxymethylene (POM) is known to form formaldehyde when it degrades and exists in dispensing pump or sprayer mechanisms. POM can have undesirable characteristics when burned and releases formaldehyde gas, which irritates the nose, throat, and eye tissues.

Removing POM from BB Pump makes it a safer packaging solution for consumer health.

Smaller dosage, sophisticated and economical

The previous back suction pumps are 1.0 cc and 0.7 cc, and are eminent for many beauty brands. With the emerging oil-formulae product variations, companies are seeking alternatives for diversified skincare solutions. Hence, the smaller dosage of 0.5 cc is now available for more sophisticated and economical solutions.

The stylized BB Pump offers convenient usage, ensures consumer safety, and is available with post-consumer recycled plastics for companies seeking sustainable solutions.

Specification of SR Packaging's BB Pump:

BB Pump




0.5 cc

Neck size


I.D. / O.D.

24 mm / 28 mm


Oil-based formulae

The actuator, stem, and collar parts are 100% PCR.

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