Selective POM-free Back Suction Pump, BB Pump Type II

Benefits for Beauty: BB Pump Type II

Selective POM-free Back Suction Pump

BB Pump Type II offers convenient usage, ensures consumer safety, and contains post-consumer recycled plastics (PCR) as a more sustainable solution. It is now added to the POM-free back suction pump selection. 

SR Packaging introduced the Back Suction Pump in 2013, targeting the emerging market of oil-based products of low viscosity, and it continues to evolve today with updated features. 

  • Removed POM part from the pump mechanism

Polyoxymethylene (POM) is known to form formaldehyde when it degrades, for example in dispensing pump or sprayer mechanisms. POM can have undesirable characteristics when burned, releasing formaldehyde gas and irritating the nose, throat, and eyes.

Removing POM from the pump mechanism makes it a safer packaging solution for consumer health.

  • Added “on & off” twist-lock feature to the dispenser 

For easier access and mobility, the new BB pump features a twist-lock on & off feature to secure the package while not in use.

Specifications of the BB Pump Type II

BB Pump Type ii



0.7 cc

Neck size


I.D. / O.D.

24.6 mm / 29 mm

Dispenser feature

Twist-lock on & off


Oil-based formulae

The actuator, stem, and collar parts are 100% PCR.

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