DURA-21 Pump, Anti-Leak Dispensing

How Beauty Products are Evolving for the Faces Behind the Masks

After a long day of wearing waterproof or non-smudge makeup, consumers expect the easiest solution to remove the burdens from their skin. Many beauty brands manage to create excellent cleansing oil or makeup remover to achieve the task, however, the products need proper and compatible packaging to deliver the result. 

It is vital to find a compatible dispensing closure and it is significant to ensure the product can withstand extreme temperature changes during overseas cargo ship transportation or distance of truck delivery, arriving in the consumer’s hands without malfunctioning.

Simulating a cargo ship transportation of an exclusive high-performance cleansing oil formulae, the SRP R&D team discovered that under high temperatures with solvent chemicals, the plastic component was swelling, causing a content delivery passageway leak.

Following several crossing tests, adopting different materials for dispensing pump components, the DURAᐧ21 pump of PBT components stands out as the most compatible test object with solvent content. It retains pump function after the continuous 60-day test under a consistent temperature of 50℃.

DURAᐧ21 Pump, Anti-leak Dispensing for High-performance Makeup Remover

  • Integrate a reliable dispensing pump
  • Target repeating usage 
  • Win consumer trust

The PBT-made DURAᐧ21 pump takes an unremittable role in SRP's Back Suction Pump Collection built for low-viscosity liquid with no dripping, leaking, or seeping. 

The chemical-resistant PBT plastic is mechanically strong, opted for the component of the passageway of content delivery of a dispensing pump, supplementarily ensuring leakage-proof product dispensing for the high-performance makeup remover.

DURAᐧ21 Pump CHS7003F4
Output  1 cc
Neck size 24/410
I.D. / O.D. 24.3 mm / 28.5 mm
Applications Oil-based formulae

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