Built to fit existing products, Refillable PCR Airless Bottles

Built to fit existing products, Reuse & Refill

3 sizes built to fit existing products

  • Use PCR Airless Bottles to replace traditional airless packs. 
  • Claim Sustainability without changing current packaging design.

PCR Airless Bottle ACE-015B for Refill, OFC 21.7 ml

PCR Airless Bottle ACE-030B for Refill, OFC 35.9 ml

PCR Airless Bottle ACE-050B for Refill, OFC 55.3 ml

3 series of familiar design

  • Upgrade popular skincare items.
  • Sustainable success is in reach.

These reusable shells are the most popular and common skincare packaging for years and are compatible with SR Packaging’s PCR Airless Bottle.

ACG series, the curvy cylindrical style

ACH series, the straight-lined cylindrical style

ASB series, square style

Use the 3D studio to upload artwork and visualize the next product line.

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