Built to fit existing products, Refillable PCR Airless Bottles

Built to fit existing products, Reuse & Refill is a new way for brands to provide their products in sustainable airless packaging.

3 sizes made to fit existing products

  • Use PCR Airless Bottles to replace traditional airless packs. 
  • Claim Sustainability without changing current packaging design.

SR Packaging has made it easier than ever for brands to replace traditional airless packs with its PCR airless packaging, making it simple to incorporate and claim sustainability without the requirement to change the current packaging design thanks to the use of an airless pouch that protects the formulation and contracts as the content is depleted from within the refill.

The PCR airless refills are offered in 3 popular capacities that are common choices for clean beauty and cosmetic formulations and SR Packaging offers access to these packs in full 3D so that brands can view them 24/7 from any computer, mobile or tablet device with internet access.

3 familiar design series

  • Upgrade popular skincare items.
  • Sustainable success is in reach.

In addition to offering 3 different PCR refill choices, SRP also offers its compatible reusable bottle shells in 3 sought-after styles. These reusable shells have been the most popular and common skincare packaging for years and are all compatible with SR Packaging’s PCR Airless Bottle.

ACG series  This curvy cylindrical style differentiates through its wider base and the curved shape makes it particularly comfortable to hold in the hand.

ACH series  This traditional cylindrical style never goes out of fashion with its sleek, symmetrical lines.

ASB series  There's nothing un-hip about the square style of the ASB series. It's right on trend for brands that want a bold silhouette for their product.

Click to open up SRP's product configurator in 3D on your computer screen and compose your ideal PCR airless refill pack with the specifications that suit your product line. Simply click on the 3D studio button and the configurator will show the available options according to the choices you make.

Once you've configurated your PCR airless pack on screen in the colors of your choice, you can then add your logo or artwork for a realistic-looking model according to your own branding which can then be saved and shared with colleagues.

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