Packaging Design Integration 2021 - 2022

Advance packaging design via sustainability, and transcend.

Sustainability is a lifestyle worldwide. It impacts the purchasing decision-making and leads the way for future generations. Along with the consumer awareness of the importance of living earth-friendly, companies are working at all speeds, providing products to satisfy consumer needs.

While offering sustainable innovations, SR Packaging also visualizes and integrates the trends for everyday applications, introducing the Packaging Design Integration to help brands start the green mission with optimal aesthetic style.

Packaging Design Integration 2021-2022 includes 7 component types decorated as mockup brand presentations.

  1. ECO Airless Bottles for clean beauty
  2. Dispensers for performance beauty line
  3. Bottles for daily skincare and toiletry routine
  4. Jars for high-viscosity personal care and cleansing
  5. Kilner Jars for home spa practice, facial, bath & body care
  6. Heavy Wall Design for the exceptional premium cosmetics line
  7. Tubes for the lightweight, flexible product line of diversified usage

Integrating lifestyle and sustainability with packaging design makes sure skincare and beauty project planning hit the market target.

Click to view Packaging Design Integration 2021-2022 and contact sales@srpackaging to start a project-driven discussion.

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