Perfect 3-step skincare Airless Shuttle, now available with airless sprayers

A 3-step skincare routine comprises basic yet essential items to addressing key beauty concerns, and brands are looking for a simple solution for users to access the necessities in the easiest way possible while at the same time incorporating clean beauty needs.

Hence, the Airless Shuttle is here, and it's getting even better now with an airless sprayer.

airless sprayer +

Organic, hydrating facial mist, CBD-fused, botanical mist, these nutrient items that are good for skin, are also a good food source for bacteria. Without paraben or other preservatives, the natural-formulated content might fail consumer expectations. 

Targetting a safer product commitment and extending commodity shelf life without preservatives, Airless Shuttle offers two ways of dispensing for more variations, an airless sprayer for hydrating mist and an airless pump for viscous cream.

from airless to ECO Airless 

Conventional airless packaging exists for sensitive ingredients and extends product shelf life span. The later developed ECO Airless inherited the benefits, offers excellent evacuation, perfect dosing, and a stylish presentation but uses plastic 70% less with diversified design possibilities. 

Airless Shuttle has three refillable, patented ECO Airless Bottles that can be of 70% PCR. 

✔ 100% vacuum-sealed protection

✔ Cuts down 70% plastic

✔ Uses 70% post-consumer recycled resin

Airless Shuttle enables the customizable 3-step skincare routine, and it ticks off the criteria on the wish list of an eco-conscious consumer.

✔ Ocean-friendly strawless (dip-tube free) packaging 

✔ No preservative

✔ Transparent ingredients

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