3-step skincare with the Airless Shuttle

With an Airless Shuttle, consumers receive not just another skincare product for a general skin type, but their very own set of solutions tailored to their unique skin and its requirements. The Airless Shuttle simplifies the skincare routine with the three refillable ECO Airless Bottles and advances the consumer's personalized beauty experience.

The simpler, the better

Fashion houses and leading brands feature all sorts of sustainable marketing campaigns to slow down the environmental impact caused by business activities. The provision of a simplified commodity would therefore be a huge benefit, making the Airless Shuttle an ideal solution for skincare companies.

The product utilizes three refillable ECO Airless Bottles, which could comprise three essential products from a daily skincare routine. It enables brands to identify skin conditions, interact with users and then provide a personalized beauty set, which is then contained all in just one single pack - making skin care easy for the consumer.

Trending, personalized, or both!

The customized user experience has been slowly shifting from the luxury segment to the mainstream while beauty trends continue to spur, and leaving the option open to consumers can lead to the next most-discussed topic, which benefits both the users and the brands. 

Stick to Sustainability!

The three ECO Airless Bottles can also be PCR Airless Bottles whereby the bottle material is comprised of 70% post-consumer recycled resin. The patented bag-in-bottle airless system uses 70% less plastic compared to conventional airless bottles.

The 100% vacuum-sealed EVOH+PP inner pouch of ECO Airless Bottles is highly compatible with any skincare or SPF product and is also suitable for delicate preservative-free formulae of high viscosity. Combined with SRP’s exclusive airless pump that offers a precise dosage of 0.2 ml, users can dispense products with ease — even upside-down.

Download the Airless Shuttle PDF file or email sales@srpackaging.com to find out more.

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