Beverage Cans Packaging News

First food can with reduced CO2 intensity
The German tinplate manufacturer thyssenkrupp Rasselstein launches the world’s first food can made of CO2-reduced bluemint Steel together with the Swiss companies Hoffmann Neopac and Ricola in March. The three companies, where sustainability and conservation of resources are part of the corporate strategy, have joined forces to launch the first food can made of CO2-reduced packaging steel, thus making packaging even more sustainable.
Cardboard Carriers Deliver a Sustainable Solution for Oslo Brewery
Berry Global

The WaveGrip carrier has been developed in line with Berry Global’s Impact 2025 sustainability strategy, which aims to work with customers to help meet and exceed their sustainability goals. Each carrier weighs just 7.95g for a standard six-pack and is recyclable in most paper and board waste collection streams.

Best. Summer. Ever. with 2Wine cans
Ardagh Group
Summer is finally here and Amsterdam-based 2Wine are out to make ‘to wine’ the hottest verb of the season – with Ardagh Metal Packaging’s specialist Wine Can taking centre stage. 2Wine’s new trio of 250ml slim cans are gorgeously photogenic, inviting friends to immortalise their catch-ups on social media.
Seriously special: new Ambar DOBLE IPA
Ardagh Group
Discerning beer drinkers in Spain will be excited at the launch of Ambar DOBLE IPA, a brand-new canned beer from independent brewery Cervezas Ambar and a must-try for serious fans of heavy hops. Ambar DOBLE IPA is only available in Ardagh’s 44cl can: a deliberate nod to the classic English beer can format, which tips off adventurous customers to the hoppier, stronger flavour.
Innovation Box presents ready-to-launch Nitro Can concepts
Ardagh Group

Ardagh Metal Packaging customers are invited to ‘chill and enjoy’ an innovative series of premium Nitro drinks, creatively conceived in collaboration with leading natural ingredient expert Doehler, in an Innovation Box which showcases the value-adding potential of Ardagh’s Nitro Can. In the Innovation Box, customers can find examples of eight brand-new on-trend Nitro beverages.

Ogeu commits to beverage cans across brands
Ardagh Group

Leading French beverage group Ogeu is taking a significant step into growing markets by investing in a brand-new filling line. Having chosen Ardagh Metal Packaging (AMP) as their partner on the journey into large-scale can production, the venerable Société des eaux minérales d’Ogeu will be able to fill 15cl slim, 25cl slim, 33cl sleek and standard and 50cl standard cans.

Gatão wine in cans promises the hit of the summer
Ardagh Group
Ardagh’s pioneering Wine Can is designed specifically to protect the great taste of wine while offering portability, convenience and sustainability. Market leader Gatão has been quick to recognise the benefits, becoming one of the first Portuguese brands to add it to their packaging portfolio.
Damm and Ball launch world's first Aluminium Stewardship Initiative certified beverage cans
Ball Corporation
From this March onwards, all Damm's cans, which are supplied by Ball Corporation, will be certified according to ASI's standards for responsible production, sourcing and stewardship. The certification covers packaging and storage of beer in cans, as well as related activities including design, packaging and storage of finished products, waste management and storage, and the recovery of waste, including end consumer's packaging waste.
Wine can pop-and-tear opening force

Producers followed the wine drinker from the dinner party to the picnic. Packaging solutions have facilitated a move to wine ‘on the go’. The air-tight, light-proof, unbreakable aluminium drinks can has established itself as a viable container

Kiss of Wine cans make wine stress-free
Ardagh Group
Wine occasions will be more relaxing than ever, thanks to new wine can subscription service Kiss of Wine. Embracing all the advantages of the Ardagh Wine Can, the service marries super-simple wine selection with the frictionless ease of home delivery, taking convenience to a whole new level.