Beverage Cans Packaging News

Gatão wine in cans promises the hit of the summer
Ardagh Group

Ardagh’s pioneering Wine Can is designed specifically to protect the great taste of wine while offering portability, convenience and sustainability. Market leader Gatão has been quick to recognise the benefits, becoming one of the first Portuguese brands to add it to their packaging portfolio.

Damm and Ball launch world's first Aluminium Stewardship Initiative certified beverage cans
Ball Corporation
From this March onwards, all Damm's cans, which are supplied by Ball Corporation, will be certified according to ASI's standards for responsible production, sourcing and stewardship. The certification covers packaging and storage of beer in cans, as well as related activities including design, packaging and storage of finished products, waste management and storage, and the recovery of waste, including end consumer's packaging waste.
Wine can pop-and-tear opening force
Producers followed the wine drinker from the dinner party to the picnic. Packaging solutions have facilitated a move to wine ‘on the go’. The air-tight, light-proof, unbreakable aluminium drinks can has established itself as a viable container
Kiss of Wine cans make wine stress-free
Ardagh Group

Wine occasions will be more relaxing than ever, thanks to new wine can subscription service Kiss of Wine. Embracing all the advantages of the Ardagh Wine Can, the service marries super-simple wine selection with the frictionless ease of home delivery, taking convenience to a whole new level.

Tatra’s working heroes show mastery in can production
Ardagh Group
Renowned beer brand Tatra is honouring Poland’s everyday superheroes in a line-up of six limited edition cans that features experts in their field – and the stunning finished Ardagh Group cans show just what can be achieved when vision meets that level of expertise.
Michel Jodoin apple must range sees cans bear fruit
Ardagh Group

Legendary Québécois cider brand Michel Jodoin is expanding the market for its non-alcoholic apple musts with a new range of playful and cheering cans that will charm consumers in Canada. The four apple musts are available in Ardagh’s light and convenient 250ml slim can – perfect for a single serve.

First flavored water to hit the Russian market, in striking Slim cans
Ball Corporation
With the support of the world’s leading can manufacturer, Ball Corporation (NYSE: BLL), mineral water brand Senezhskaya launched the first flavored water in 25-centiliter slim cans on the Russian market. By choosing this convenient packaging format, the brand is capitalizing on the popularity of the can and bringing it to the flavored water sector.
Danone unveils new "4U" line of carbonated juices and teas in Brazil in Sleek Style beverage cans from Crown

To deliver new beverage options to consumers seeking healthier alternatives, Danone Waters Brazil has partnered with Crown Holdings, Inc. to launch its newest brand, 4U by Danone. Two different sizes of sleek style cans from Crown, along with special ink finishes and colorful imagery, offer vibrant, eye-catching package designs that reflect the healthy, fresh blends of the 4U beverages.

Ball Corporation agrees to sell Chinese beverage can and end manufacturing facilities
Ball Corporation

Ball Corporation has announced an agreement to sell its metal beverage packaging facilities in China to ORG Technology Co. Ltd, a leading Chinese metal packaging company, for approximately $225 million total transaction consideration including cash, plus potential additional consideration related to the relocation of an existing facility over the next several years, which the company currently expects to be in the range of $50 million to $75 million.

Crown scores a home run on the 2018 awards field
In the last few weeks, Crown Holdings, Inc, has received several prestigious industry awards for innovations that help advance the global beverage can industry. The awards recognize Crown technologies that create new opportunities to interact with consumers at the point of consumption, strengthen brand loyalty, provide differentiation at point of sale and enhance sustainability.
Focus on: FDA approved coatings for rigid metal packaging

ACTEGA offers coatings, adhesives, sealants and inks for metal packaging, with a focus on options for food and beverages as the company is specialized in pigmented product solutions, as well as in products for direct food contact (FDA approved). Specialising in products that are a combination of these two cases, ACTEGA is the perfect option for sourcing packaging.

Lancaster Brewing Co. increases can output with Wavegrip G1

WaveGrip, manufacturer of innovative beverage multi-packing solutions, is helping Lancaster Brewing Co. increase its canned beverage output. The majority of Lancaster’s canned output is in 12oz. 6-packs, but with the need to produce 4-packs of both 12oz. and 16oz. cans, the G1 applicator was the perfect solution.

Ball Corporation's Naro Fominsk ends plant wins prestigious Shingo prize
Ball Corporation
Ball’s beverage end manufacturing plant in Naro Fominsk, Russia, received the coveted Shingo Prize for 2017. Awarded by the Shingo Institute, the Shingo Prize represents the highest standard of operational excellence in the world. Among the things that impressed the Shingo Institute were the plant’s safety culture, and the focus on people development.
Ball to pop top on Cameo beverage can end printing
Ball Corporation

Ball Corporation's newest beverage can innovation is helping customers put a colorful lid on their infinitely recyclable aluminum cans from Ball. Available for the first time, Ball's proprietary Cameo End Printing extends customer branding to the top of the can, making the top pop and adding appeal for consumers looking for their favorite beverages. Cameo will be commercially available in early 2019.