Packaging News

The future has arrived at Aptar's LIVE 3D Booth
Aptar Beauty + Home are paving the way for a more sustainable future. Their focus on sustainable and consumer-friendly beauty and personal care solutions are on display in their 3D Webpackaging LIVE Booth. Buyers from around the world can visit their booth and see some of Aptar’s innovative products up close- without wasting time in airports.
COPCO's 200ml single-wall PET jar
COPCO Packaging
COPCO Packaging is launching a 200ml single-wall jar, which is made from PET, and with PP screw cap. This round jar is ideal for body butter, cleansing cream, gel, and hair mask etc. A larger size of 500ml is also offered in the same shape.
State of the art plastic bottles from Altium now in full 3D
Altium Packaging

Altium Packaging are always rethinking the plastic bottle. From food, nutrition, automotive, and household cleaning, they are developing the best containers for both brands and consumers. Now visitors from all corners of the world can stop by their Webpackaging LIVE 3D booth today to experience their packaging solutions without wasting carbon emissions or time in airplanes.

Mecmesin webinar: T-Peel (adhesion strength) testing
This webinar will focus on the most common approach to measuring the adhesion strength of two materials bonded together with an adherent. Commonly known as the T-Peel Test, this type of testing can be found in industries like packaging, automotive, leather and upholstery, food, and beverage and many more.
Unique Panda chocolate tin boosts brand
The Box b.v.

Joyco is a company that produces and distributes confectionery, chocolate, and ice cream across Eastern Europe. Their idea was to promote their Panda Chocolate brand with special tin packaging. Their number one wish was clear: no standard tin, but something truly unique.

Trivium Packaging signs United Nations Global Compact Initiative to support sustainable development goals
Trivium Packaging has committed to the United Nations Global Compact Initiative, the largest corporate responsibility initiative in the world for the development, implementation, and disclosure of responsible corporate policies and practices. By signing onto the initiative, Trivium Packaging is formally aligning its corporate value system with the Ten Principles of the UNGC and its four key themes on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.