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Packaging News

Molpack's M3R Jar Tackles Beauty Trends with Refillable Allure

Beauty brands are increasingly adopting refillable packaging to enhance sustainability and appeal to eco-conscious consumers. Molpack's new M3R Jar offers a customizable, premium, and environmentally friendly solution for skincare and makeup, educating consumers to help foster an eco-conscious culture in the beauty industry.

Airless Cosmetic Pen with Brush Applicator
Taesung's range of cosmetic packaging is professional and versatile, incorporating the market's latest packaging technologies to enhance your product. See the TAP-038B, an airless cosmetic pen fit with a brush applicator, as a high-end packaging solution and tool for make-up users. 
Cigar Shaped Mascara Packaging: Versatile, Visually Appealing and Comfortable To Use
Cherng Mei

Cigar-shaped mascara is an iconic and popular shape for mascara packaging as the full shape not only provides generous spacing for branding but also reflects the image of the voluminous function and generous product inside.  From a practical standpoint, the cylindrical shape of cigar-shaped mascara packaging can make it easier to hold and use, especially with Cherng Mei's additional slant feature in the handle.

Meet Viva's Trendiest Solutions at Cosmoprof North America
After their massive success at LuxePack NY, Viva's latest sustainable sticks, Will Perform and Rio Deo, will be making another appearance at Cosmoprof North America. Come visit us at booth 19220 in the Cosmopak section July 23-25 and test the game changing refillable solutions first hand.
Metal Packaging for Men’s Grooming

The male grooming industry and metal packaging go hand in hand, and as Europe’s leading provider of pre-threaded screw caps, godets, aluminium and tin containers, Roberts Metal Packaging is the ideal packaging partner. Metal packaging is durable and provides excellent protection for the products inside, ensuring they remain in good condition. Metal packaging is also recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice. it can be customized with sleek and modern designs, appealing to the target market of men's grooming products.

Power, Precision, Resistance: The PSA Pressure Sprayer
PKP's PSA pressure sprayer features a sturdy bottle and sprayer combination that provides a heady liquid stream when activated, making it a nifty choice for industrial or animal spray products, as well as household and garden care where a little extra distance is required.
Doctor Pack Expands to Norcross, Georgia (USA)
Doctor Pack
Earlier this year, Doctor Pack reached a significant milestone by inaugurating a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Georgia, USA. This expansion signifies an important step in the company's commitment to delivering top-notch pharmaceutical packaging solutions.
Empowering Brands to Embrace Sustainability

?Embracing sustainability isn't just a trend, it's a responsibility we all share. At Pujolasos, we're committed to making a positive impact, starting with Matsos and the new sustainable caps developed with recycled cork.

IBG Acquired by Fremman Capital

IBG has been acquired by Fremman Capital, a prominent European private equity firm. The strategic acquisition begins a new chapter for IBG, as the company departs from its previous shareholder, Albéa Group. The transaction also marks a major milestone in the future development of IBG, enabling the company to accelerate its expansion and enhance its innovative capabilities across a range of market segments.

Lip Gloss Packaging: Metal Balls to Stimulate the Formulation
IMS Packaging
The metal balls work towards mixing and homogenization for liquid formulations, by helping to mix the content thoroughly. When the package is shaken, the metal balls roll around and agitate the product ensuring that any settled particles or ingredients are evenly distributed, providing consistent quality and performance.