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Custom Plastic Packaging at Robinson
Robinson Packaging

Need something custom made? The majority of Robinson's packaging solutions are custom made. No matter how specialised the requirement, we are known for getting things done. See custom packaging examples including carpet cleaners, actuators combined with overcaps, air fresheners and foldable hooks for toilet cleaners.

Frida & Lisa bottles: it’s hip to be square!

Hot on the heels of the Gala dip-in pack, Quadpack has broadened its collection for liquid makeup formulas. Frida and Lisa are the two newest dip-in bottles which, when combined with a selection of high-performance applicators, offer the right tools to create that perfect look.

New Printing Technology: Shadow Printing

Shadow printing is the new printing technology at GEKA that is an innovative and sustainable decoration technique that avoids any additional usage of foil or ink. It delivers striking surface finishes for packaging, helping customers achieve perfect brand aesthetics for combination of matt and shiny surfaces.  his decoration technique is incredibly flexible, allowing complex customized elements and patterns to be applied to bottles or caps.

Award Recognition for Soft Plastic Recycling Initiative
Berry Global
The successful collaborative project bringing together Heinz and Tesco with packaging industry leader Berry Global and recycling technology experts Plastic Energy and Sabic to develop Heinz Beanz Snap Pots made with 39 percent recycled plastic has been recognised with a Silver Award in the global Packaging Innovation Awards.
The Release and Shake Dropper: MXDR 25

FS Korea’s Release and Shake Dropper, the MXDR 25, offers a stylish and futuristic look with a two-phase packaging solution. The modern and elegant 23ml dropper bottle has been designed to house a pipette with a dosage of 2ml. The pipette can be filled with a secondary solution from the main body formula and then released, creating a mesmerizing visual dispensing experience.

How to... Write an interesting brand launch or case study
A case study is an ideal opportunity for your company to show off how it is solved a problem for a particular customer. A case study defines a problem that was solved by your company by either a product or service and highlights how your customer benefited from your solution. Webpackaging recommends the use of case studies to highlight your company's expertise.
Enhance Branding With Custom Made Tins
The Box b.v.
The Belgian beer brand Vedett was looking for packaging for its cans, and by printing the brand name Vedett on the inside of the tin, The Box was able to enhance the branding of the beer brand significantly.
SHP’s AirTight Loose Powder Jar

As part of its new pilot stock, SHP releases the AirTight Loose Powder Jar. Designed specifically for water-based powders, the compact jar features an innovative airtight structure and a patented mesh design that deliver an unbeatable weight-loss performance.