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Sustainability in the Digital Age
One of this year’s biggest trends is undoubtedly Sustainability. From brands to consumers to suppliers, everyone is trying to look out for the environment by turning to recyclable and eco-friendly packaging options. Webpackaging LIVE is proud to include multiple companies focusing on sustainability in its incredible lineup of packaging suppliers. Get inspired by what they have to offer and source the latest sustainable packaging on the market at Webpackaging LIVE.
SABIC and Schwarz Group embark on pilot project for vegetable bags made from TRUCIRCLE™ certified circular polyethylene

SABIC, a global leader in the chemicals industry, has embarked on a pilot project with Schwarz Group, Europe’s largest retail store operator, for the use of transparent film bags made from certified circular polyethylene (PE) in vegetable packaging. The project will include various different PE technologies from SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE ™ portfolio based on materials produced via feedstock recycling of mixed and used plastic.

Multi-dose dispenser for preservative-free ophthalmic formulations
Bona Pharma

Preservative-free formulations have become increasingly popular, particularly for ocular treatments as chronic usage of preservatives can damage the eyes. Bona Pharma's multi-dose dispenser has been designed especially for preservative-free ophthalmic formulations, fully qualified to meet challenging microbiological tests.

GEKA's 'Summer Time' style
Summer Time from GEKA shows a gradual lacquering from purple to pink to orange, paired with 2-colored silk screen print to give a vibrant, summery and eye-catching appearance to the high-quality packaging.
Aluminium bottles are sustainable and convenient

Beverage makers and bottlers face increased competition on all fronts and growing pressure from consumers, retailers and even governments for sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging. Specializing in premium and infinitely recyclable metal bottle and keg solutions, Trivium provides the industry with distinctive and innovative packaging solutions.

Albéa, Origins, The Estée Lauder Companies and SABIC partner in breakthrough recyclable tube packaging

As a pioneer in the development of sustainable packaging for beauty brands, Albéa will leverage its expertise in the use of advanced recycled resins to provide Origins with a high-performing tube composed of a certified polymer resin manufactured by SABIC’s revolutionary, certified circular polyethylene and polypropylene advanced recycling technology. Albéa, Origins, The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC), and SABIC have announced their strategic partnership to bring an advanced recycled tube package to market in 2021.

Toly's Array of Lipsticks
Toly is renowned for its vast range of stock packaging options and it is no different in the lipstick category. From round to square, slim, chubby and mini formats, there is sure to be a design for every brand.
GOSH Copenhagen‘s DREAMCATCHER supplied by AWANTYS

For its fragrance DREAMCATCHER BY ISABELL KRISTENSEN, GOSH Copenhagen sources the entire primary packaging from AWANTYS Group. The full-service project includes the pump and collar as well as a transparent Surlyn cap and a 50ml bottle which comes with a two-color silk-screen printing.

Stora Enso and Tingstad launch unique formed fiber food service bowls
Stora Enso

Stora Enso is introducing its new eco-friendly take-away bowls for food service packaging, PureFiber by Stora Enso. The products are free from plastic and PFAS and are designed to help customers replace plastic on-the-go food packaging. The bowls are being brought to market together with the wholesale company Tingstad.

Our Western love affair with K-Beauty
APackaging Group
If you produce any type of skincare or personal care item, you are probably well-acquainted with K-beauty by now. For many years, it was more or less of a youth-oriented concept but now it has grown up, creating fans in young and old alike. And with good reason.
Material selection matters: Part 2
Having worked closely with clients on hundreds of custom packaging solutions, there have been many times at TricorBraun where we needed to incorporate specific test protocols in the qualification process – protocols that went well beyond the standard UN or ISTA certifications.
New cup for pasta is 'hot' - but not burning hot!

The innovative SuperLight container from Superfos, has proved the ideal pack for the new MakeGusto range of tasty Italian ready meals that are easy to prepare and can be enjoyed on the move. SuperLight uses a clever combination of plastic and cardboard to provide a user-friendly solution for the products where boiling water is added to the ingredients to create each meal.