Packaging News

Milliken boosts plastic industry’s ability to supply materials for personal protective equipment
Milliken Chemical

Global materials science expert Milliken & Company is once again leveraging its unique capabilities to help produce needed medical personal protective equipment (PPE) amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The current shortage in plastic materials used for protective face shields is leading manufacturers to offer the readily available polypropylene plastic. The material, however, is naturally hazy, so plastic manufacturers are turning to Milliken and the company’s NX® UltraClear™ polypropylene concentrate to produce plastics with clarity levels suitable for healthcare industry face shields. 

Onwards and upwards: follow Regula Jar’s sustainable path
When it comes to sustainability, being in the comfort zone is never an option. Even a best-seller must be revisited to make it the best product it can be! Made in Europe by Louvrette, a Quadpack Company, Regula Jar is a perfect example of how the pursuit of eco-conscious packaging can never stop.
Decor & Development 4.0: Speed, reliability, and flexibility for new Tube developments
In a market with shorter lead-times and smaller order sizes, digital technology is obviously part of the solution – from digital printing to collaborative platforms via data sharing in real-time. Together with our partner and global specialist of the industrial graphic chain Esko, we have developed pre-press tools for digital printing, as well as a collaborative platform to manage projects within our industrial facilities, across sites, and directly with our customers or their design agencies.
Weener Plastics receives ISCC Plus accreditation
Weener Plastics
Weener Plastics believes in a circular economy and is committed to reducing the use of fossil feedstock. The company has received the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) Plus accreditation for its use of sustainable raw materials.
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Dual Syringes
Nordson EFD
Nordson EFD offers disposable dual syringes and static mixers that provide controlled mixing and placement of two-part epoxies, adhesives, sealants, gels, pastes, and compounds used in a range of DIY home improvement, automotive, health and beauty, and dental applications.
Arya Refill Brush
The beauty world is becoming more inclusive than ever and Toly is being conscious of consumers demand by introducing hand-free solution packaging. Arya is available with an integrated brush suitable for liquid formulas such as blush or foundation.
Bona's spray bottles now have a faster lead time
Bona Pharma

Fighting against COVID-19, Bona offers spray bottles which are manufactured in-house in its GMP clean room according to ISO 15378:2017 controls. With demand increasing from the market, Bona has invested in new production lines for this series of spray pumps to makes lead time faster.

New packaging for Vedett's peppermint cans
The Box b.v.
The Belgian beer brand Vedett was looking for new packaging for its peppermint cans. The company was looking for a tin the size of existing peppermint tins that would be suitable for use in the hospitality industry.
Discover the benefits of packaging for your product
The packaging of any article must reflect a series of characteristics that will be those that the final public will end up associating with the brand in question. You have the option of achieving the style that represents you among the different types of packaging that you will find.
Continuing Sustainability Efforts, Neopac Moves Toward Mono-Material Barrier Tubes Designed for Recyclability

Neopac is in the development stages of food- and pharma-grade mono-material barrier tube solutions that align with existing recycling processes. Neopac’s push for mono-material tubes will employ sound packaging science to align with current recycling practices and processes – all while providing its cosmetics, food and pharma customers with outstanding barrier properties to protect sensitive products.