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COPCO's sample packages for premium skincare products
COPCO Packaging

As the epidemic has eased, the market has gradually warmed up. Brands are actively giving out more free samples, which have been proved to be a helpful way to bring back more customers and boost sales. Seeing this demand COPCO is introducing a different type into the market which looks exquisite and is of premium quality, making them a great choice for high-end lines.

IIC makes Philadelphia cup a success in Australia

The requirements for the new Philadelphia cup for the Australian market were many and varied. Complex logistics, four different tub sizes, over 80 different lines to print, along with a new production filling process.

Giflor Closures: Consistently trusted by Tulipan Negro

Tulipan Negro bath gels stand out not only for their refined formulations, but also for their modern packaging that packs a strong visual and emotional impact into every product. It's no coincidence that the closure system chosen by Tulipan Negro is, once again, produced and designed by Giflor Closure Technologies.

Trivium commits to the Science Based Targets initiative
Trivium is getting serious about leading the way to a low carbon future. To validate this pledge, the company has put pen to paper and committed to The Science Based Targets initiative, putting Trivium on a clearly defined path to reduce emissions in line with the Paris Agreement goals.
Custom printed CR tins

Hoffmann The Tin's child-resistant tins are offered with full color custom printing for individual runs, making them ideal for special editions, new offerings or trials.

New player RxPack enters pharmaceutical packaging sector
Coster Group transfers its pharmaceutical aerosol and dispensing business to the newly formed company  RxPack. The new company combines Coster’s products and complementary offerings from Lindal Group to  create a distinctive portfolio of spray packaging solutions for pharmaceutical applications. It is thus ideally  positioned from the start to seize the growth opportunities in this sector. RxPack will be located in Oggiono,  north of Milan in Italy, and is expected to start operations at the end of this year.  
Neopac develops Polyfoil dropper tube solution for vegan vitamin D product

Hoffmann Neopac has partnered with Streuli Pharma AG to launch a dropper tube for direct, precision administering of a novel vegan Vitamin D formulation. The aesthetically appealing solution for Streuli Pharma’s new food supplement Luce D3 product houses a vegan Vitamin D solution in a tube with a metered dropper for safer, more accurate dosages.