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More than 60% of Consumer Prefer Sustainable Packaging
Trivium Packaging

Based on a survey of more than 9,000 consumers across Europe, North America, and South America, the 2023 Buying Green Report suggests that consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and taking a stand against harmful, non-sustainable packaging. In fact, the report reveals that over 60% of consumers are now less likely to buy products that come in non-sustainable packaging.

Hoffmann Receives Two Awards from The Canmaker Magazine
Hoffmann Neopac, a global supplier of high-quality cans for the baby food, wellbeing and consumer goods industries, was recognized in The Canmaker Magazine's annual competition for two of its recently launched can solutions. Specifically, the company's resealable, airtight metal lid received a Gold Award in the "Ends, Caps & Closures" competition category.
Preserve Scents of Tea with 100% Recyclable Tins
The Box b.v.

At The Box Packaging, the company offers 100% recyclable tea tins that preserve the aroma of tea. The tin tea collection features a wide variety of luxurious tea tins inspired by the Far East, Japan, and tropical rainforests, all designed to protect your tea. Choose from the Box's extensive range of containers to find the perfect one for your needs.

Happy Recycle Week with Metal Packaging Solutions

Happy Recycle Week from Roberts Metal Packaging, a specialist UK based manufacturer of metal containers, caps and lids which can be recycled easily. Metal is a permanently available resource that doesn’t deplete over any timescale. Because it never loses its molecular properties, it can be recycled and reused indefinitely.

New Conical Steel Can for Seafood
Our new Steel Club can is optimized for transportation and production of canned seafood, with one-of-a kind performance features. The design of the steel club can is identical to our aluminium can, and can be seamed with the same tools. This means you can make the switch without large-scale restructuring of your production line.
Recyclable & Sustainable Custom Tins for Cosmetics
The Box b.v.

Tins are an ideal packaging option for promoting your brand or company name, especially in the cosmetics industry. Not only are they functional, but tins are also visually appealing. You can package your cosmetics in a unique way while simultaneously promoting your brand.

Tinplate: The Cost-Effective Alternative to Aluminium
As well as providing aluminium solutions for customers, Enviro-Cap champions another sustainable and often overlooked material, tinplate. Tinplate closures are a cost-effective alternative to aluminium, whereby the product still benefits from the classic and sort-after raw metal look. The material has increased durability, serving as a reliable option that is still equally as recyclable.  
Webpackaging's Tins category: All the coolest metal packs

Metal packaging is a popular search term on webpackaging given its sustainable, functional and visual benefits. As an infinitely recyclable material that helps brands work towards a circular economy, metal can be repeatedly recycled without losing any of its molecular integrity.

Tinned Fish Charcuterie Trend Sparks Conversation On Sustainable Food Options
Trivium Packaging

One of the latest TikTok food trends has been creating delicious spreads using sardines, anchovies, and more, but this trend has more benefits than the vitamins and minerals found in fish. As Bloomberg reports, it is a great sustainable food option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint! 100% infinitely recyclable metal packaging provides a longer shelf life solution while maintaining its freshness + nutrients and is easier to transport.

TricorBraun wins AmeriStar Packaging Awards

Global packaging leader TricorBraun has been honored with two 2022 AmeriStar Packaging Awards from the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP). The company’s awards—recognizing innovation and excellence in packaging design-are in the Food, Shelf Stable category.

Silgan Containers presents: Cans Get You Cooking
Silgan Containers
Silgan is proud to be a major sponsor of Cans Get You Cooking,™ a multi-year campaign launched nationwide in February 2013 during the national Canned Food Month. The campaign is designed to remind consumers of the great benefits of cooking with canned food.
2020's best metal packaging

It's not easy to choose which are our favourite metal containers in our collection this year. We have put love and dedication into each and every one and we are very proud of all our work. We work very closely with our clients listening carefully to know exactly what they want and the spirit they intend to encompass in their container.