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Metal Packaging: Europe's Premier Manufacturer

Choose from our standard product ranges or customise through decoration, embossing and styling options or, if you need a packaging solution which is entirely bespoke, we can design and manufacture tooling to your exact requirements. Whatever you’re looking for in metal packaging, you’ve come to the right place.

Simon Lévelt on the road to packaging-free shopping with cans from The Box
The Box b.v.
Simon Lévelt, a premium specialty store formula with 40 specialty stores with coffee and tea, has taken an important step forward in the field of sustainability by introducing 'packaging-free shopping'. This initiative allows customers to make an environmentally friendly choice by packaging their coffee beans or tea blends in reusable tins instead of plastic packaging.
Metal Packaging for Men’s Grooming

The male grooming industry and metal packaging go hand in hand, and as Europe’s leading provider of pre-threaded screw caps, godets, aluminium and tin containers, Roberts Metal Packaging is the ideal packaging partner. Metal packaging is durable and provides excellent protection for the products inside, ensuring they remain in good condition. Metal packaging is also recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice. it can be customized with sleek and modern designs, appealing to the target market of men's grooming products.

Your Vitamins & Supplements with BlueSky's Aluminium Tins
Our range of aluminium tins are perfectly designed to meet the packaging needs of vitamins and supplements. From compact 10ml to generous 250ml sizes, our aluminium tins are tailored for consumer convenience and portability. Whether your customers are at home or on-the-go, these tins ensure your products are always within reach. What's more... they are in stock and ready for rapid despatch!
AA* BRC Rating For Roberts Metal Packaging
Roberts Metal Packaging celebrates achieving an AA* rating following an unannounced BRC Audit last week. The audit ensures that quality, safety, environmental and hygiene procedures are met throughout production. Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Roberts, whether that’s recruitment and training of our staff, customising products for a start-up business or producing high volumes of products to the same consistent high standard.
Develop A Custom Look In Seven Steps
The Box b.v.

Over the years the box has been able to realize several successful co-creations together with customers. Because a tailor-made look means developing a look together. Fine-tuning, creating, and updating until you have the perfect tin that meets desired wishes and requirements. There are different facets involved in tin packaging that must meet consumer protection guidelines for what is packaged inside, but also wishes regarding the self and online appearance.

Embracing Diverse Employee Needs In a Shift-based Production Environment
Trivium Packaging

In the world of manufacturing, maintaining a balanced, safe, and efficient work environment is paramount. The challenge intensifies in a shift-based setting, where the rhythm of work and personal lives intertwine closely. However, it's not just about keeping the gears turning smoothly; it's also about recognising and accommodating the diverse needs of our employees to foster an equitable workplace.

Press Here To Open Tins
Our 'Press Here To Open' tines are made with tinplate for robust rigidity and are available in 70ml and 100ml sizes. They are used in a range of applications from personal care products to shoe polish where the ease of opening and use for the consumer, together with the tight reseal capability for product preservation and life once opened are important considerations.
From Outer Space to High-Speed Trains
Trivium Packaging
Jean Hénaff, a French cannery, and the renowned chef Thierry Marx have previously collaborated to create unique meals for the International Space Station. Trivium produced the cans that made this endeavour possible. Now, they have come together once again to offer a gourmet dessert, the Apple & Fondant Galette, to passengers travelling on board the INOUI TGV trains this winter
Hoffmann Receives Two Awards from The Canmaker Magazine

Hoffmann Neopac, a global supplier of high-quality cans for the baby food, wellbeing and consumer goods industries, was recognized in The Canmaker Magazine's annual competition for two of its recently launched can solutions. Specifically, the company's resealable, airtight metal lid received a Gold Award in the "Ends, Caps & Closures" competition category.

New Conical Steel Can for Seafood

Our new Steel Club can is optimized for transportation and production of canned seafood, with one-of-a kind performance features. The design of the steel club can is identical to our aluminium can, and can be seamed with the same tools. This means you can make the switch without large-scale restructuring of your production line.

Webpackaging's Tins category: All the coolest metal packs
Metal packaging is a popular search term on webpackaging given its sustainable, functional and visual benefits. As an infinitely recyclable material that helps brands work towards a circular economy, metal can be repeatedly recycled without losing any of its molecular integrity.
Crown Wins Multiple Awards for Innovative Designs Across Global Competitions

As Crown Holdings, Inc. looks back on 2022, the Company reflects on numerous accolades that its global teams were awarded at The Canmaker Summit, Asia CanTech conference and the International Metal Decorating & Packaging Association conference—three events which honor innovation and differentiation in metal packaging.

TricorBraun wins AmeriStar Packaging Awards
Global packaging leader TricorBraun has been honored with two 2022 AmeriStar Packaging Awards from the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP). The company’s awards—recognizing innovation and excellence in packaging design-are in the Food, Shelf Stable category.
Silgan Containers presents: Cans Get You Cooking
Silgan Containers

Silgan is proud to be a major sponsor of Cans Get You Cooking,™ a multi-year campaign launched nationwide in February 2013 during the national Canned Food Month. The campaign is designed to remind consumers of the great benefits of cooking with canned food.