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Custom printed CR tins
Hoffmann The Tin's child-resistant tins are offered with full color custom printing for individual runs, making them ideal for special editions, new offerings or trials.
Trivium Packaging cans Unimer’s Titus line
When Unimer Group needed a new range of cans for their Titus brand of anchovies and sardines, they came to Trivium Packaging. The Titus logo and illustrations cover most of the available space on the tin, causing consumers to stop and take a closer look.
The Box makes consumers say hello to Mentos
The Box b.v.

Commissioned by Perfetti van Melle - major producer and international confectionery player - The Box was asked to produce a unique tin. In support of Mentos' international 'Hello' campaign, we created this colourful and cheerful tin.

CR tins keep children and pets safe

Tin packaging is a great way to keep products safe and fresh. And stylish decoration on the metal exterior can make tins particularly captivating to children. But how can kids, or pets, be stopped from accessing the product inside? Hoffmann’s patented and customizeable child-resistant tins offer a safe solution.

A bespoke tin For Men Only
The Box b.v.
LR Health & Beauty was looking for a suitable gift box for men's products whereby the tin had to hold two tubes and a can of shaving foam. The Box created a bespoke tin that was designed to appeal specifically For Men Only.
2020's best metal packaging
It's not easy to choose which are our favourite metal containers in our collection this year. We have put love and dedication into each and every one and we are very proud of all our work. We work very closely with our clients listening carefully to know exactly what they want and the spirit they intend to encompass in their container.
Trivium triumphs in 2020 virtual can summit

The 2020 Can of the Year awards, which would normally have been announced and presented at a well-attended annual summit, have just been published online. Despite the change, one element remained constant – Trivium Packaging’s success in several categories across a variety of food, drink and personal care products.

World's lightest seafood can created by Trivium

Pioneering work at Trivium’s aluminium can plant in Cuxhaven, north Germany, supported by our R&D Centre, resulted in the production of the world’s lightest aluminium seafood can. Despite it's ultra-lightweight, it retains the stability of a standard can and can be fitted with an Easy Open ring-pull lid.

Ardagh Group’s metal can underlines quality Farrow & Ball
Ardagh Group
The exclusive attention to detail and commitment to uncompromising quality of Farrow and Ball also applies to the brand’s choice of metal packaging for its full range of distinctive colours. The metal can with its recognisable iconic design has been printed and produced in various sizes for over 20 years by Ardagh Group at its plant in Norwich, eastern England.
Piper-Heidsieck Champagne chooses premium metal packaging to celebrate excellence and sportsmanship at the Australian Open

Crown Aerosols & Promotional Packaging Europe collaborated with champagne producer Piper-Heidsieck to launch a promotional tin for the Australian Open tennis tournament (14-27 January 2019). As the official champagne of the tournament, Piper wanted to celebrate the competition, the first of four Grand Slam tennis events held each year, with a limited edition premium packaging format.

Crown helps Nicolas Feuillatte enthusiasts enter "The Enchanted Land"

Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne has once again turned to Crown Aerosols & Promotional Packaging when looking for the ideal packaging solutions for its latest champagne creations. A continuation of the long-standing working relationship with the famous French luxury champagne producer, Crown’s elegant metal tins for the fresh and dynamic Réserve Exclusive Brut and the expressive and light Sélection Brut, invite consumers to discover the very terroir that went into the champagne’s making.

Tins with Window for 2018 Summer

For 2018 Summer, Keenpack's team introduces collections of Tin Packaging with Window. The idea is to help consumers to have a quick glance while shopping and make purchase decision with ease. Keenpack's window tin boxes come in several shapes that can be customized according to specific needs.