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COPCO's sample packages for premium skincare products
COPCO Packaging

As the epidemic has eased, the market has gradually warmed up. Brands are actively giving out more free samples, which have been proved to be a helpful way to bring back more customers and boost sales. Seeing this demand COPCO is introducing a different type into the market which looks exquisite and is of premium quality, making them a great choice for high-end lines.

Giflor Closures: Consistently trusted by Tulipan Negro

Tulipan Negro bath gels stand out not only for their refined formulations, but also for their modern packaging that packs a strong visual and emotional impact into every product. It's no coincidence that the closure system chosen by Tulipan Negro is, once again, produced and designed by Giflor Closure Technologies.

3-step skincare with the Airless Shuttle
SR Packaging

With an Airless Shuttle, consumers receive their very own personalized set of treatments that are tailored to their unique skin condition. The Airless Shuttle simplifies the skincare routine with the three refillable ECO Airless Bottles and advances the consumer's personalized beauty experience.

Bona's one-drop pump for viscous formulations
Bona Pharma

Bona is always driving innovation and creative packaging for its clients. The company's latest innovation is the new one-drop spray pump that has been developed especially to be adaptable for OTC, generic formulations and dietary supplements. It is ideal for oily, gel and high viscosity formulations, as well as Vitamin D.

Baralan introduces precise applicator for fragrance products

Baralan has introduced Applicator 15 for bottles with neck 15, its latest in an innovative range of delivery systems for glass packaging. Defined by its novel application device combined with a screw cap, Applicator 15 was developed to offer precision product usage of perfumes, essential oils and certain skincare products.

TNA — The stylish airless pump pack

Benefiting from a cap-less system and a simple yet sleek look, Nest Filler's TNA - Turtle Neck Airless is a stylish airless pump pack that makes a statement through its highlighted neck and zooming nozzle.