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AMARI, the streamline, refillable PCR Airless Bottle for gender-neutral skincare solutions
SR Packaging

The updated version of PCR Airless Bottle, AMARI, is one of a kind, minimalist packaging design. It is built for gender-neutral skincare solutions as the beauty trend had slowly shifted beyond gender differentiation. More and more companies are providing personal care solutions both for men and women based on specific skin conditions. As of today for many, improving self-esteem by using beauty products is no longer a privilege but a daily routine.

Sanner presents its new child-resistant tablet container CR TabTec
Sanner GmbH presents its new child-resistant tablet container CR TabTec. It has obtained excellent ratings in a consumer test regarding its functional characteristics and design as the CR TabTec tablet container has a new opening mechanism that protects children from accidentally taking painkillers, antidepressants or medical cannabis.
Wooden collars add an elegant accent to sprays and disk-top cap

From Autumn 2019, Quadpack launches a striking new accessory for its range of bottles and sprays; an attractive wooden collar that creates instant eco-chic. Wooden collars are a relatively easy add-on for disc-top bottles and sprays, rendering perhaps the most common format in the beauty aisles with a premium touch.

Silgan Dispensing focuses on brand differentiation and sustainability solutions
Silgan Dispensing, a global leader in the design, development, and distribution of highly engineered pumps and sprayers in the home, health and beauty markets, is highlighting its expanded PCR product portfolio, which includes one of the industry’s widest range of available solutions, as well as its suite of products that address the challenges brand owners face in a dynamic packaging landscape.
Refillable Pump Dispenser
Toly is introducing a new refillable pump dispenser compact with a fully integrated mirror in the lid, ideal for liquid formulations, such as foundation and highlighter.
COPCO's new skincare package collection

A new collection has been introduced into COPCO's skincare package family. It includes 4 components produced in PET: 160ml for toner, 130ml for lotion, 40ml for essence / serum / eye cream, and a 50g jar for cream products.

Aptar Beauty + Home launches Apollo

Aptar Beauty + Home has launched Apollo, a revolutionary new 2-in-1 dual spray actuator facilitating the consumer a choice in delivery! By providing consumers with two spray options in one product, Apollo offers brands a unique point of differentiation.

Virospack expands moulded glass bottle range with new, greater capacity 'last drop' format
Virospack has expanded its offer of moulded glass bottles, offering the same quality, weight, transparency and compatibility as the rest of its range. Its new, greater capacity 50ml format, responds to the requirement for dropper packs with a larger capacity. The full proposal is perfect for cosmetic products intended for hair or body care, and oils for face, body and hair care, that require high-quality packaging with maximum precision in its dosage and application.
Bona's new aural spray pump
Bona Pharma
Bona Pharma has created a brand new aural spray pump which is applicable for use with a range of ear treatments, including ear ache, wax removal and comprehensive inflammation. The considerate design of the ear plug offers an excellent user experience which does not cause any aggravation or irritation during use.
Qosmedix expands aluminum collection with matte white bottles

Qosmedix has recently expanded its extensive packaging line with two new matte white aluminum bottles. These new 4 oz. (118 ml) bottles are available with a Fine Mist Sprayer and Clear Overcap or with a Lotion Pump, and are perfect for packaging any type of liquid or cream formulations.

AFA presents the PCR OpUs Verte trigger sprayer
Afa Dispensing
AFA Dispensing has achieved another milestone in the global effort to use environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging solutions. As of this autumn, AFA’s best-selling product – The OpUs Trigger Sprayer, will be offered in a new colourful version that is made from Post-Consumer Recycled resin (resin of recycled plastic products).
Stylish dispenser is ‘Pur’ genius
Berry Bramlage
The RPC Bramlage Division is extending its range of Magic airless dispensers with the introduction of a new design. the top-filled Magic Pur dispenser combines an elegant and modern appearance on-shelf with user-friendly operation, delivering an accurate 1ml of product each time.
Aptar Pharma's Freepod nasal spray device with GlaxoSmithKline's Otrivin wins prestigious WPO WorldStar 2019 award
Aptar Pharma

Aptar Pharma, a leading provider of innovative drug delivery systems, has announced that its patented Freepod nasal spray device with GlaxoSmithKline's Otrivin has received a Medical & Pharma category award at the World Packaging Organization (WPO) 2019 WorldStar Packaging Awards ceremony, which took place on May 15, 2019 in Prague. The WorldStar Awards Competition, hosted by the WPO, is considered to be one of the most prestigious international packaging awards events.

Reinventing packaging for e-commerce
Our society is undergoing a major transformation: the digital revolution. This technical evolution impacts ways of working, learning, living, interacting and consuming. More than half of all in-store purchase is influenced by digital commerce. Albéa leverages proven technical expertise to offer a wide range of e-commerce compliant dispensing and sealing solutions such as lockable pumps and caps.
Phaba restyles bottles for talc and powder
Phaba Srl
As part of Phaba's ongoing project to renew its machinery and equipment, the packaging company has restyled its Talco line of bottles for talc and powder. The new innovation and technology has permitted Phaba to update its moulds, and the Italian company is benefiting from both a more efficient production as well as an optimization of resources.
Available soon! Pack Max's new pump dispenser

The latest addition into Pack Max's packaging portfolio is this good-looking pump dispenser for liquid products. As well benefiting from a nice, stylish look which lends itself well to many personal care products, the new pump offers 2 important features for brands and the consumer.