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Dispensers Packaging News

Spraying Made Easy: PKP Presents the TS-3500
In the world of industrial applications, efficiency and convenience reign supreme. Meet PKP's TS-3500 Trigger Sprayer – a powerhouse sprayer designed to streamline operations and make every task a breeze!
Enhance User Experience With Rieke's Foamers
Rieke Packaging

At Rieke, we offer a wide range of finger, palm and squeeze foamers, along with customized solutions tailored to meet your needs. From facial cleansers and hand soaps to hair mousse, sunscreen and more, our foam dispensers deliver excellent product evacuation in a simple yet functional design.

Choose Your Feel with Flavia
Meet Flavia, Glaspray’s patented twist-up lotion dispenser which gives brands and consumers the choice of style and feel. Each outer case design has been specially made to stimulate the senses and create motion, engaging consumers to interact with the product and relate it to a tactile sensation.
Thrace Group Provides Versatile Solutions for Beverage Dispensing
Thrace Group
Thrace Group's bag-in-box portfolio provides a versatile and practical solution for the storage and dispensing of liquids such as wine, fruit juices, milk, and other beverages. The company's PE bags with glands are an excellent choice for large quantities of liquids, providing convenient and efficient dispensing.
PKG Group submit Drug Master File to US FDA: Bringing Skin Care Packaging Innovation To Healthcare

Yonwoo/PKG has taken the next step of evolution in supporting the healthcare market by partnering with The Global Regulatory Agency to establish its DMF to the FDA. This exciting development has the potential to open up Yonwoo/PKG’s eclectic collection of 400+ stock items to the world of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Customers can browse through the impressive range of tubes, bottles and jars to find a solution to enhance their product and the user experience.

Stylish, Secure and Sustainable: Top Trends in Personal Care Packaging
MRP Solutions
Repeat purchases are the goal of any manufacturer. The cap or closure, its performance and ease of use play an important role in securing a repeat health or beauty product purchase. We run down the top seven current and upcoming market trends shaping the personal care, health and beauty markets and the importance of selecting the right cap or closure to meet these trends.
Berry Agile Solutions to debut in London
Berry Global
This year’s London Packaging Week will mark the debut of Berry Agile Solutions, a new pan-European operation that offers both short lead times and low minimum order quantities, including multi-product orders, to provide customers of all sizes with fast access to one of the widest ranges of high-quality packaging solutions.
LIBO's Premium Glass Range: Luxury Glass Bottle
LIBO Cosmetics

The high-quality LIBO glass bottle with pump dispenser is an elegant container for your chosen product. Ideal for skincare and makeup products such as lotion, serum, foundation, and more!  The glass material creates a pack that is recyclable, reusable, eco-friendly, safe and durable.

Luxury Dropper Bottle: Aluminum Collar and Weighted Bottom

Meet Cosfinity’s CP07-0085 Dropper Pack, ideal for cosmetic liquids and oils. Find extra features within the dropper pack, designed to give your product an added luxurious feel. Using a clear glass bottle, your formula will rest protected inside and glamorized by the light refraction to give an attractive high-end feel to your packaging.

APG Recyclabilty Recognitions
The Infinity line has been recognized with several awards, including the US Plastics Pact Sustainability finalist lotion pump and the BeautyMatters Next Awards' Best Breakthrough Packaging Supplier Finalist airless bottle.
PMU Degradable Material Cosmetic Cream Jar
UKPACK Packaging
UKPack offers ecological plastic packaging in the form of a skincare cream jar, using PMU inorganic biodegradable material. The pack comes complete with a leakproof gasket to ensure the internal materials are hygienic and protected from outside contamination. The threaded neck of the jar makes for strong sealing, preventing liquid leakage.