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T10 line

Toly plays a vital role in providing your brand with hands-free packaging solutions for both safety and hygienic measures, whilst keeping the pack effective for your formulation.

Classy and clean, the new fragrance trend
Quadpack’s Gemel bottle is a small-size spray perfect for holding products that follow the cleanliness trend. Developed as a great solution for travelling and daily fragrance touch-ups, it can also be filled with scented hydroalcoholic solutions.
Sustainably-sourced Optimum ECO fluid dispensing components
Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD has celebrated Earth Day by introducing a new line of sustainably-sourced Optimum ECO dispensing components, including syringe barrels, pistons, end caps, and tip caps, into its product portfolio. These components are molded using up to 96% bio-based Polyethylene resin derived from sugarcane.

Weener Plastics receives ISCC Plus accreditation
Weener Plastics
Weener Plastics believes in a circular economy and is committed to reducing the use of fossil feedstock. The company has received the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) Plus accreditation for its use of sustainable raw materials.
Bona's spray bottles now have a faster lead time
Bona Pharma

Fighting against COVID-19, Bona offers spray bottles which are manufactured in-house in its GMP clean room according to ISO 15378:2017 controls. With demand increasing from the market, Bona has invested in new production lines for this series of spray pumps to makes lead time faster.

500ml HDPE Bottle – Available Now
Robinson Packaging

Robinson UK is delighted to announce that from the start of May we will be adding a 'Boston Round' 500ml HDPE bottle to our standards portfolio. The bottle is suitable for hand sanitiser with a wide range of caps, pumps and dispensers, including our own flip-top closures and simple refill cap.

Up-market sustainable plastic cap dropper
Now it's possible to be more environmentally friendly without having to give up a luxurious image, and all with a package with brighter finishes, thanks to the new line of Virospack Sustainable Plastic Dropper Collars. Available in a glossy coloured finish that looks luxe and glamourous and that premium cosmetics consumers will love.
The All-Plastic Trigger
Premium Pack Ltd.
Premium Pack's "All Plastic Trigger" is the best choice for any chemical, industrial, and cleaning products and is surprisingly easy to use. The trigger sprayer is entirely made of PP and PE plastic components that can be recycled effortlessly.
Airless bottles available immediately during COVID-19
APackaging Group

If your brand is running out of inventory and needs more plastic bottles quickly, APackaging has the solution to package hand soaps and hand sanitizers. With the current increased demand for products to help combat the spread of the coronavirus, relevant packaging components are also needed in high volumes. Count on APackaging to supply their airless plastic bottles and to do it quickly, as they have already have inventory in stock.

New pumps for soap & sanitizer in time for battling COVID-19
In the midst of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic, Illupack is working hard to continue producing relevant packaging components for high demand products, such has liquid soaps and hand sanitizers. With the need for disinfectant solutions continuing to grow exponentially in order to protect against the virus, more consumers are looking for these products than ever. Illupack has the components and stock to package these key products, and quickly.
Protect and prevent illness with custom made and branded Hand Soaps and Sanitizers
KBL Cosmetics
Now more than ever we must protect ourselves from illness and viruses by using preventative measures. Using hand soap and washing hands frequently is key, but hand sanitizers are also useful in reducing the spread of illness, especially on the go. That’s why KBL Cosmetics is dedicated to helping consumers by producing formulated soaps and sanitizers, which can be custom made and branded for any company. Capable of creating and branding any capacity of hand soaps and sanitizers, KBL Cosmetics not only supplies the formulas, but provides the packaging as well.
Giflor's classic and customizable Mushroom Caps

With their classic design, Giflor's Mushroom Closures are a timeless solution for any cosmetic, personal care, and health care products. The attractive and distinctive shape, flip-top opening, and different finishes of these plastic caps for evergreen pack solutions suit different brand attitudes and philosophies.