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Luxury Glass Bottles and Jars from Rayuen
Rayuen Packaging
Rayuen Packaging has the solution for personal care and beauty brands looking for a luxury pack. The company is releasing new thick-walled bottles and jars that give products a feeling of indulgence during their skin care routine.
COPCO's square PET bottle stands out
COPCO Packaging
COPCO's square PET bottle truly stands out on the shelf, as can be seen by viewing the product in full 3D at the company's Webpackaging LIVE online product showcase. Set next to another of COPCO's 250ml capacity PET bottles, the square bottle makes a visual impact.
Wet wipes: practical container prevents evaporation
Berry Superfos

A refillable and airtight container with a resealable cap fitted in the lid makes it easier to maintain a high level of hygiene with wipes. By popular demand, Berry Superfos has developed a series of wet wipes containers and Hitam, a French chemical consultancy, is among the highly satisfied customers.

Liquid lipsticks with easy application
Specialized in the manufacture of colour cosmetic packaging, Efficient Engineering's product portfolio includes a delightful option for liquid lipstick. Like lipgloss packaging, this liquid lipstick pack incorporates a doe foot applicator for easy application of the colour from first to last.
A touch of elegance with Giflor's 736-737 closures

Exploring objects through touch can generate detailed, lasting memories of an object enabling the tactile sense an opportunity to create a significant connection within the unconscious part of the mind. Using this to its advantage, Giflor Closure Technologies has designed the new 736 and 737 cylindrical flip-top models with a tantalizing matte finish to provide consumers with this experience with its closures.

100% PP cosmetic pump

Fasten’s Mono Pump is the world’s first full PP cosmetic pump. This pump without a metal spring is 100% recyclable and compatible with corporate sustainability goals and objectives. This revolutionary packaging component is likely to change the game for brands and consumers alike, and further push products towards being completely recyclable after use.