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Condensa Expands Global Services

Condensa adds a new line of products into their product catalog after deciding to expand services to the global market by importing and selling accessories and additional packaging elements.

Cosmetic Water Bottles for Makeup Removers and Cleansers
UKPACK Packaging

UKPACK’s Cosmetic Water Bottle caters to the rising trend of cosmetic liquid products such as micellar water and cleansing oils. With precise dispensing technology, the pack has been specially designed to work with low-viscosity substances with an additional buckle to prevent accidental pressing when stationary or on the go. The threaded bottle mouth with a screw cap design ensures good sealing performance, with no leakages, even when turned upside down.

Frosted Glass Packaging: Elegant Pink and Amber
Premium Pack Ltd.
Premium Pack offers glass packaging in various styles and finishes, making your brand more distinguished on the shelves. Frosted glass packs are available in full or gradient colors to create a sophisticated look, such as elegant misty pink or amber. The range includes jars, and bottles that can be paired with pumps, droppers and caps which are available in aluminum, plastic and PCR:
Sustainability Range: PP Mono Material Dropper
Taesung's sustainability range includes mono-material pieces completed using PP plastic and among the collection is the PP Mono Material Dropper. The bottle, pipette and cap have all been produced using the recyclable PP plastic.
BlueSky's New Website Goes Live

BlueSky is happy to announce the launch of its new website, blueskysolutionsuk.com, following a successful rebrand in 2022. As part of the rebrand, BlueSky has seen major investments into facilities, expanding its manufacturing capabilities, as well as a sleek new website.  The site features a new striking layout with improved user-friendly navigation. You can find BlueSky’s latest products and innovations, whether you are searching by product type, product material or even by market sector.

The Updated LX Pump
For over 30 years, our LX pump has been used by iconic brands across the globe and the new design improvements answer current e-commerce application requirements and features optimized sealing. These changes are designed with the modern consumer experience in mind—one where online shopping and on-the-go lifestyles are the norm.
Youthful Skincare Ranges by KKP
The One-step thick-walled PETG set bottle has been updated and is in the third series! KKP uses the updated series to create a skincare care range with bottles with pumps, droppers and caps for the younger generations. Using fresh colors and playful decoration the bottles can look bold, minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing.
Sweet and Safe: PKP's Food Dispensing Pumps
PKP's DPS10-B/90 is one of the best pumps for syrups and sugary products for two particular reasons: it is a non-drip solution that stops liquids from dripping and reduces wastage, and the NS nozzle prevents any insect from going into the product.
Let's Talk About Tubes: Cosmetic Applicator Tubes
A tube that integrates an applicator into its design turns a conventional container into a tool, and Yonwoo/PKG has pushed the boundaries to offer tubes that include brushes, rolling puffs, pumps and doe foot applicators into their design, enhancing user experience and adding extra value to cosmetic products.