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‘Goood’ results for Interquell with Mondi’s paper-based FlexiBags

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, is launching two new paper-based bags for German pet food producer Interquell, delivering both consumer convenience and sustainability benefits. The pet food manufacturer asked Mondi to create two sizes of paper-based packaging bags with a functional plastic barrier for its sustainable premium Goood dog food. The innovative FlexiBags meet Interquell's goal to reduce the amount of plastic used while ensuring premium product protection and convenient handling for consumers.

Importing Cargo in 2021
Raptor Packaging
The trans-pacific trade (TPEB) market, especially Asia to the United States is in a state of complete chaos. As we start the year, not much has changed, and unfortunately the market has taken a turn for the worst. A few key points:
Carton Austria Award for Cardbox Packaging
Cardbox Packaging

It’s an honor to announce that our company has won the Carton Austria Award 2020. The jury award was given to the Manner Mini Mix gift box which was made by Cardbox Packaging Wolfsberg and also by Metsä Board as the cardboard manufacturer. It is also worth mentioning that this impressive construction was designed at Cardbox Packaging Pinkafeld.

WP launches first 100% recyclable dispensing valve
Weener Plastics

Following extensive research, trials, laboratory tests, and consumer reviews, WP’s Innovation & Development team has created a 100% recyclable valve that offers fully controlled, clean dispensing. WP’s fully recyclable valve is made of a specially developed material. This enables full recycling with polyolefin waste streams – regardless of the bottle material.

2020's best metal packaging
It's not easy to choose which are our favourite metal containers in our collection this year. We have put love and dedication into each and every one and we are very proud of all our work. We work very closely with our clients listening carefully to know exactly what they want and the spirit they intend to encompass in their container.
Smurfit Kappa and KHS join forces to roll out sustainable TopClip solution
Smurfit Kappa
Packaging leader Smurfit Kappa has joined forces with KHS, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of filling and packaging systems for the beverage and liquid food industries, to roll out its sustainable TopClip multipack product for bundling canned beverages. The partnership brings to the market an end to end solution for beverage companies.
Tetra Pak research study reveals food safety-environment dilemma fostered by COVID-19 pandemic
Tetra Pak
Tetra Pak has unveiled findings from its global research study, in partnership with Ipsos, showing that food safety is a major issue for society. The same amount of respondents believe that COVID-19 is a “real threat.” At the same time, concern for the environment remains strikingly powerful, pointing towards a dilemma in the consumers’ minds as they try to balance the critical priorities of human existence through safe food and sustainability of the planet we live on.
Giflor's recycle-ready cap and tube solution

Following intensive development and testing, Giflor's eco low profile cap (ELP) is now part of a brand new laminate mono-material tube system that is recycle-ready as a single piece of packaging. The new launch marks another milestone on the path towards sustainable packaging and a circular economy.

Health in your hands
In part three of our Power of One series, we look at how and why healthy snacks and responsibly-sourced beverages are soaring in the single-serve drinks market.