Food & Beverage Packaging News

Why choose a tamper-evident seal?
For a growing number of products and markets, a seal is indispensable. A tamper-evident seal offers the consumer certainty and reliability. At Kornelis, we can supply caps and closures together with a wide range of seal types and sizes. When selecting the seals, we select environmentally conscious materials wherever possible.
Gatão wine in cans promises the hit of the summer
Ardagh Group

Ardagh’s pioneering Wine Can is designed specifically to protect the great taste of wine while offering portability, convenience and sustainability. Market leader Gatão has been quick to recognise the benefits, becoming one of the first Portuguese brands to add it to their packaging portfolio.

Which tube is best?

With decades of experience in the production of tubes, Spanish company Tubeplant is well-positioned in the tube industry. But, with different tube types available on the market, which tube is best?

Trivium commits to the Science Based Targets initiative
Trivium is getting serious about leading the way to a low carbon future. To validate this pledge, the company has put pen to paper and committed to The Science Based Targets initiative, putting Trivium on a clearly defined path to reduce emissions in line with the Paris Agreement goals.
Custom printed CR tins
Hoffmann The Tin's child-resistant tins are offered with full color custom printing for individual runs, making them ideal for special editions, new offerings or trials.
TricorBraun Flex partners with How2Recycle
TricorBraun Flex has partnered with standardized recycling labeling system How2Recycle, enabling TricorBraun Flex to offer additional recyclable packaging options for customers. TricorBraun Flex joins How2Recycle with PolyRecycle, a pre-approved, flexible polyethylene (PE) film packaging material.
Berry Superfos Puts Traditional Taste in New Award-winning Pot
Berry Superfos

Cans are traditional, and traditions are often hard to let go of. However, Cargill Brazil is very pleased with a packaging conversion in collaboration with market leader Berry Superfos from traditional metal to contemporary plastic for immensely popular Elefante tomato paste. Cargill Brazil values the technical expertise of Berry Superfos

Damm and Ball launch world's first Aluminium Stewardship Initiative certified beverage cans
Ball Corporation
From this March onwards, all Damm's cans, which are supplied by Ball Corporation, will be certified according to ASI's standards for responsible production, sourcing and stewardship. The certification covers packaging and storage of beer in cans, as well as related activities including design, packaging and storage of finished products, waste management and storage, and the recovery of waste, including end consumer's packaging waste.
Phoenix Packaging: Ceramic Packaging Helps Brands Stand Out
Phoenix Packaging

Phoenix Packaging is a leading source for ceramic bottles and jars. They are the exclusive North American representatives of MKM. MKM is at the forefront of automated manufacturing of ceramic bottles and jars for food and beverage use. MKM’s bottles and jars are available in many shapes, sizes and glazes (colors) that best suit your brand. The glazes can be matte or glossy, smooth or textured, traditional or contemporary