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Food & Beverage Packaging News

Metal Packaging: Europe's Premier Manufacturer

Choose from our standard product ranges or customise through decoration, embossing and styling options or, if you need a packaging solution which is entirely bespoke, we can design and manufacture tooling to your exact requirements. Whatever you’re looking for in metal packaging, you’ve come to the right place.

World's Promo: New Oil & Vinegar Closure (FM 873)
Introducing the new FM 873 Oil/Vinegar Flip-Top Closure, designed for the food industry and available in all colors. This closure features a folding hinge that displays "closed" on the warranty label prior to the primary opening. Once the closure is opened using the ergonomic handle nose, the guarantee label tears off and is securely held by the closure, now displaying "open." Key benefits of this closure include convenience, as there is no need to tear off guarantee rings or tabs, and it is senior-friendly, allowing for easy opening without the risk of injury or effort.
Crafting Charm: TAMIL's Artisanal Wood Bottle Caps

TAMIL specializes in crafting custom wood closures for glass and plastic bottles, emphasizing quality and aesthetic appeal. With ninety years of industry experience and advanced technology, they provide personalized support from wood selection to design optimization, ensuring timely delivery and adherence to budget constraints.

Simon Lévelt on the road to packaging-free shopping with cans from The Box
The Box b.v.
Simon Lévelt, a premium specialty store formula with 40 specialty stores with coffee and tea, has taken an important step forward in the field of sustainability by introducing 'packaging-free shopping'. This initiative allows customers to make an environmentally friendly choice by packaging their coffee beans or tea blends in reusable tins instead of plastic packaging.
AeroFlexx Named Official Innovative Packaging of Progressive AFT
Progressive American Flat Track, sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing, announces AeroFlexx as the series' Official Innovative Packaging solution for the 2024 season. AeroFlexx's award-winning airframe technology is setting a new standard in the packaging industry for its unprecedented sustainability benefits.
SOLO - the winning new tap design

Giflor is launching a brand new product into its iTap dispensing portfolio. The SOLO is not just another tap. Rather it is a revolutionary tap with a brand new design that avoids microplastics, is drip-free and easy to use.

Explore SFA's 100% Recyclable Custom-Made Packs
SFA Packaging
SFA Packaging offers fully customized, recyclable packaging solutions for the food industry, with high-quality printing and a seamless design-to-production process. The company's services include tamper-evident seals, mono-material sets, and waterproof options, ensuring sustainability and usability.
Condensa 2024 Safety Day
Condensa held the 2024 Safety Day event aimed at strengthening the safety culture in the Condensa community. With an agenda focused on four fundamental pillars—leaders, Joint Health and Safety Committee (CPHS), work teams, and emergency brigade—the day sought to promote safe practices and a healthy work environment.
TricorBraun's Guide to Different Cap Liner Types & Functions

Explore TricorBraun's selection of liners, an essential component of several packaging solutions, providing an additional layer of protection or functionality to the cap or closure. TricorBraun's liners help protect the contents of the package from contamination, moisture, air, and other external factors that could potentially damage the product.

Altium Beverage Packaging
Altium Packaging

Altium Packaging has over 100 years of experience creating packaging for consumer beverages. Whether you are looking for in-stock or customized packaging, Altium has a solution for your brand. Altiums beverage bottle families are specifically tailored to keep you ahead of the curve by continually designing, developing, and producing bottles that lead the industry in shelf presence and consumer appeal—exactly where your products should be!

BlueSky Expands Its Range of 100% PCR Aluminium Bottles
There's some exciting developments at BlueSky as we further enhance our aluminium bottle collection. Our commitment to supplying sustainable packaging options is underscored by the enhancement of our 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) ? aluminium bottle range. This time, our focus is on sharp shoulder aluminium bottles.
Versatile Market Expertise You Can Trust: Food & Beverages
Axium Packaging
Axium Packaging specializes in providing top-quality packaging solutions designed specifically for the Food and Beverage industry. Our packaging options are carefully crafted to not only preserve the integrity of the products but also to enhance their visual appeal, ensuring that your brand stands out on the shelf.
Leading Provider of Innovative Packaging Solutions

Majesty Packaging Systems Limited is a leading provider of innovative packaging solutions tailored for the personal care, pharmaceutical, food, home care, and technical markets. With a relentless focus on enhancing and preserving brand integrity while meeting the diverse needs of consumers, Majesty is dedicated to minimizing environmental impact through the use of renewable energy and sustainable practices.