Food & Beverage Packaging News

Cardbox Packaging

Cardbox Packaging has announced its acquisition of the Buch Theiss GmbH bookbinding workshop’s premises in St. Stefan/Wolfsberg. The Cardbox Packaging Group, with sites in Austria, Serbia, Czechia and the USA, has been active in Carinthia since 2011, employing 60 of its almost 250 employees at this location.

Making unimpeachable sustainability claims reassures customers and consumers

EcoTensil set out to ensure that it could legitimately make a range of claims around the product’s environmental sustainability criteria, including Single Use Plastics Directive (SUPD) compliance. EcoTensil founder and CEO Peggy Cross talks about the importance of making unimpeachable sustainability claims to reassure customers and consumers.

Estal awarded LuxePack in Green prize

We are delighted to be awarded the Luxepack in Green prize, because of the sustainability of our RUDE Collection! Thanks to our passion for natural beauty solutions and maximum eco-efficiency. At Estal we will continue working for the new glass packaging required by the current environmentally friendly society.

Hybrid packaging reduces plastic content
IIC is well known for its innovative packaging solutions for the food industry. The company's Desto packaging —or Hybrid packaging— for food, offers many advantages. Maintaining the typical characteristics of a pack, the plastic content can be reduced by up to a whopping 80%.
Life cycle caps & closures

Sustainability is the main goal within Kornelis caps & closures. With this illustration we show in an accessible way how we try to design and produce as sustainably as possible, to achieve 100% recyclable closures.

Packaging comfort food & beverages

Food and beverages products have a unique ability to evoke memories of simpler times and provide comfort. During times of uncertainty, consumers will seek out products that provide comfort and security. Food and beverage brands that use their packaging to speak to this trend will quickly communicate their value and position themselves well for success in the market.

Milliken helps create more sustainable box for Ferrero Rocher
Milliken Chemical

Today’s sustainability journey is demanding and one that no company can succeed alone. It’s vital to work in partnership with others to reach the goal together. That’s why Ferrero has chosen to collaborate with Milliken & Company in its mission to find the right material for the iconic Ferrero Rocher boxes.

Rieke celebrates 100-year milestone: Focused on growth, innovation and sustainability
Rieke Packaging

Rieke®, part of the TriMas Packaging group, is celebrating its 100-year anniversary. As one of only a few packaging companies to reach this milestone, Rieke has proven it has a unique ability to adapt and refocus its business model across generations, successfully managing through economic cycles to remain a front runner in developing new products to provide innovative solutions to its customers.

The Uses of Natural Kraft Paper in Packaging
TricorBraun Flex
In a world of bright and boisterous packaging, it’s always a pleasant surprise to find something wrapped in plain and simplistic paper. Kraft paper is a reliable and traditional material still utilized in several industries, including packaging and marketing...
Tetra Pak strives for zero waste with new strategic collaboration with Poka
Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak and Poka are pleased to announce the launch of a new strategic collaboration that brings together the expertise, technology, and best practices of Tetra Pak, a leader in the food & beverage packaging industry, with the power of Poka, the most comprehensive connected factory worker platform. This collaboration will empower workers in food production with the tools and training needed to accelerate zero waste processes in food manufacturing plants.